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DIY: Spring planters

Planter Pointers There are few things that make us happier than the bounty of beauty that the season of spring brings. From the melting of snow and the swelling of streams to the singsong of chirping birds – spring (it seems to us) is nature’s way of celebrating the fact that we’ve survived yet another… Read more »

Rave: How to Drink Snake Blood in Vietnam

  How much does a polar bear weigh? You guessed it — it’s enough to break the ice.  In PR, as with most industries, it’s important to know how to connect with people and build relationships. That means interacting with people and perfecting the art of carrying a conversation. Whether on a date or a business… Read more »

Holiday: Creepy Easter bunnies

Today is Easter Monday, which means it’s that time of year when the Internet phenomenon of creepy Easter bunnies begins to take over our social media feeds. And after a weekend of gorging on chocolate eggs, we’re feeling a little giddy. So, we’ve decided to curate some of our fave Easter bunny photos (and by… Read more »

Photo Friday: A Modern TTC Love Story

We would take a poll, but we’re almost certain that everyone’s favourite part of their day is the commute to work and everything that comes with it. There are just so many opportunities for new friendships, new scent discoveries, and, hopefully, new love interests. We’re looking at you scruffy dude, taking up three seats, talking… Read more »

Media, Darling: Andrea Miller

Andrea Miller is the editor at Glam Canada and has called Toronto home for eight years though she feels like she’s never lived anywhere else. Before she was covering all things beauty, fashion and style, she was an entertainment content producer at Cineplex.com and a freelancer and copywriter before that. She’s watched Annie Hall more times than you, and thinks one… Read more »

Teacher’s pet: PR school [life] lessons

Back in September, Margaret and Melissa (two of our new interns) began their PR journeys at Centennial College. Meanwhile, Meaghan was getting into her final year as a journalism undergrad and looking to stretch into the PR world. Eight hectic months later, the three of them now sit at their brand-new desks on the fourth… Read more »

Fashion-able: Spring Beauty Inspiration

Springtime is here! Lalala! (Ed. note: or at least, it was was last week when we wrote this post). Wherever you go this season (weddings, patio parties, concerts, oh my), we’re sharing our beauty inspiration to help you put your best face forward. Giving some serious lip We love a bold lip. It’s the easiest way… Read more »

JetSet: Adventurous Honeymoon Destinations

Who doesn’t love laying on a beach? Well, you’d be surprised. Specifically speaking about honeymoons, there are a lot of people out there that are just not into laid-back, or how they may call them, boring vacations. This is true for active couples who want to come home ready to respond  to “How was your honeymoon?” with more than… Read more »

PR Life: A Dating Story

In this new series, we’re going to recount some of the exciting, crazy and just plain weird tales of dating as a PR girl. Enjoy. Click here and here for some past tales of dating a PR girl. Most people would assume with all of openings, parties and events that surround the PR world, meeting… Read more »

Media, Darling: Derek Dotto

Derek Dotto is an associate producer of news and entertainment for Breakfast Television and CityNews and also acts as fashion correspondent. He also dabbles in freelance fashion and lifestyle writing with work published in Flare, Sharp’s Book for Men, IN Toronto Magazine, and Outlooks. Dotto is a self-described media junkie, travel addict and wannabe foodie…. Read more »

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DIY: Spring planters

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Holiday: Creepy Easter bunnies

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