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Small Space Feng Shui

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Tips for Creating a Timeless Modern Home

Tips for Creating a Timeless Modern Home Everyone wants a home decor that is just as beautiful as it's timeless. For home decorators, achieving this might be a little tasking, as you want decorative accessories and furnishings that are modern while also reinforcing...

Woodwork Interior Design Ideas for Every Modern Home

Woodwork Interior Design Ideas for Every Modern HomeThe beauty of a home is the comfort and ambience that comes with the interior decor. Modern homes have the advantage of current technologies which use simple tools and strategies to ensure you have a touch of...

Top Interior Design Tips

Top Interior Design TipsCreating a space that makes a good first impression on guests is something that every homeowner wants. But when it comes to designing your house to create a home, there’s more than meets the eye. If you're like those homeowners who can't...

Utilize an Open Floor Plan

Open floor plan design looks fantastic when uniformity is displayed in lighting, flooring, and painting throughout the living room, dining, and kitchen. Nonetheless, if you desire some distinction in the different areas of your home, you may use furnishings, materials, or varying colors to depict the difference.

Go for Timeless Interiors

Interior trends are as transient as any seasonal outfits. So we advise you to opt for a timeless style that you’re passionate about when designing your home. Moreover, timeless interiors offer sophistication in a classy manner.

Contemporize with Art and Decorative Objects

Have you considered blending your timeless looking interior with some modern art pieces and decorative items? It always works. Contemporary sculptures and decorative objects help to modernize the architectural designs or furnishings of a home regardless of the date they were put in place.


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“Impeccable Team! ”

” OTFF has a great team, friendly relation, very professional, they designed the ideal house just the way I envisioned it be. It is a fantastic project, we are very happy! “


– Ronaldo Carlisle

“ Dream Come True! ”

” OTFF turned my house into a home. In the end, it was better than I could have ever imagined. We’re starting a family and We love it!! “


– Linda A. Burgess

“ Stress Free ! ”

” Every step in the project from design to final walkthrough was stress-free and enjoyable thanks to the competence of the whole team. Best of all, there are no lingering issues or deficiencies. “


– Laura B. Middaugh

“ All Went According to Plan! ”

” Wonderful people, from design to project management, all went according to plan and to budget. We loved that they listened to us at the time pretty scarce ideas, and presented various options to suit. “


– Cabsaw

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