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Media, Darling: Lauren McPhillips

Lauren McPhillips is the editor of lifestyle site This Renegade Love, an online space that celebrates the people, places and things that inspire her. Following a career in editorial and then travel PR (which took her overseas to the UK), Lauren launched This Renegade Love earlier this year as a way to encourage readers to… Read more »

Fashion-able: Accessorizing your winter wardrobe

The best kept secret for this season’s must-have looks lies in the details, specifically the accessories. You don’t need to spend your hard earned cash to transition your wardrobe, when a few key upgrades will do. Avoid the winter blues with accessories that’ll keep you warm and stylish. Ear muffs While this look might scream… Read more »

Yum yum: Best comfort food in the city

Ask a Canadian what the best part of winter is. Chances are they will say something along the lines of skiing or hockey (pardon the stereotype). Ask the ladies #OnTheFourthFloor what the best part of winter is, and without hesitation, we’ll say the layers, because with great layers comes great opportunity to eat that extra slice… Read more »

Round up: this week in Toronto

Every Monday, #OnTheFourthFloor is rounding up events to check out and everything else you need to stay in-the-loop with what’s going on in the city. Tuesday, Nov. 24: Holiday Popcorn Tasting at the Toronto Popcorn Company Toronto Common is holding a tasting event with the Toronto Popcorn Company, every week for the next three weeks…. Read more »

How to unplug/disconnect

Being constantly connected to your digital devices has become second nature in our generation. While it’s definitely convenient to have everything you need in the palm of your hand or at your fingertips, sometimes you need a clean break! The next time you plan on having a lazy weekend consisting of Netflix, checking emails, and… Read more »

Media, Darling: Julia Eskins

Julia Eskins is the co-founder and editor of Here & There Magazine, a quarterly art, design and fashion publication covering cities around the world. As an intrepid journalist with a passion for travel, Julia has visited over 20 countries and spent time living abroad in Berlin and Helsinki. Along with holding the positions of features… Read more »

Fashion-able: Workout gear to keep you moving this winter

When the weather outside is frightful, it can be hard to tear ourselves away from Netflix and go to the gym. Cute workout gear is just the thing we need for an extra push, and there are a ton of great fitness gear options out there. We’ve rounded up five of our favourite fitness brands, as… Read more »

Round up: Who to follow on Snapchat

These days it’s all about living in the moment with Snapchat (and using the puking rainbow filter at every opportunity). While sending and receiving embarrassing snaps between friends is great and all, getting a glimpse into the lives of your fave celebs via their snaps is the real deal! Here’s who we’re loving right now…. Read more »

Round up: this week in Toronto

Every Monday, #OnTheFourthFloor is rounding up events to check out and everything else you need to stay in-the-loop with what’s going on in the city. Tuesday, Nov. 17 – Sunday, Jan. 3: Dee Snider’s Rock & Roll Christmas Tale Dee Snider’s Rock and Roll Christmas Tale tells the story of Däisy Cütter, a heavy metal… Read more »

Get a head start on fighting the winter blues

In case you haven’t noticed, the days have gotten much colder and a lot shorter. For some of us, it’s dark when we leave for work and dark when we get home. Our workouts have become less regular (no need to work on a bikini bod now, right?) and our pants have gotten a lot… Read more »

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Media, Darling: Lauren McPhillips

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