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Fashion-able: What to Pack for A Fall Weekend Getaway

Hello beautiful #OnTheFourthFloor readers – we are here today to tell you that fall getaways are now a thing. We’re sure you’ve heard of summer and winter getaways, but why not take advantage of this crisp autumn weather and take a weekend off with: a) your significant other, b) your best friends, c) yourself (alone… Read more »

Fall Braid Inspo

As fall fashion approaches and the art of layering begins, so does the art of braiding! Braids can be a great way to change up your look and give your hair a much0-needed break from those well used hot tools. So here are are some fun braids to try out this fall. The Fishtail Braid While the… Read more »

Round-up: This week in Toronto

Every Monday, #OnTheFourthFloor is rounding up events to check out and everything else you need to stay in-the-loop with what’s going on in the city. Monday, September 26 – FINISHIT: Screenwriting Sprint  No more excuses! Whether you want to flesh out your concept for a feature screenplay, or you just want to get off your… Read more »

Fashion-able: LFW SS17 Round-Up

Each city of fashion month definitely has its own distinct style and vibe. In London, the clothes seem to be more theatrical and the street style a little more eccentric. Slightly less concentrated with powerhouse brands, the designers have more freedom to showcase their unique style and artist vision. Maybe that is why Canadian designer Sid… Read more »

Media, Darling: Michael Chu

Michael Chu is a producer at BNN who has worked with some of the biggest companies in the world in almost any and every sector imaginable, and most of Canada’s business heavyweights. He started in the media industry as a researcher at CTV News providing support for big events like the 2011 Elections, the Royal… Read more »

Five Foods That Make You Feel Good

Tired of having to work through your food coma? Afraid of your food baby cramping your style? Here are five foods (and recipes) to make you feel good again! We all wish we were that person that gets up early, drinks a bath tub’s worth of lemon water and eats clean, all damn day. It’s… Read more »

Fashion-able: The Art of Layering

Living in Canada means we are blessed with many things – free healthcare, Timmies, beautiful national lakes and parks and a superb hockey team. Unfortunately, predictable weather seems to be one thing we miss the mark on. We’re entering fall, and with this comes multiple personality weather forecasts. While some brave ladies are still rocking… Read more »

Round-up: This week in Toronto

Every Monday, #OnTheFourthFloor is rounding up events to check out and everything else you need to stay in-the-loop with what’s going on in the city. Tuesday, September 20: Canada’s Walk Of Fame Festival The seventh annual Canada’s Walk Of Fame Festival is bigger and better than ever this year, taking place from September 20-29. This… Read more »

Fashion-able: NYFW SS17 Round-up

Between TIFF red carpets and all the action in NY, we are in complete fashion overload. From Kylie emulating Kim’s blonde lob, to Bella wiping out on the runway, NYFW has given us plenty to talk about, but lets stick to the designs. As always, NY designers presented some beautiful creations and spectacular shows. We’ve… Read more »

TIFF Survival: Five Ways to Sleep Better

Between the movie screenings and late night TIFF parties it’s been hard to get a good nights rest. And with Leo roaming the streets of Toronto, we definitely need our beauty sleep! So we’ve put together a handy guide to help you achieve those elusive eight hours. Get the Right Mattress First things first, you… Read more »

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Fall Braid Inspo

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Round-up: This week in Toronto

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