Happy first of October! Where does the time go? Another summer, come and gone, just like that. Now that we are well on our way to Thanksgiving and Halloween, it’s time to accept the changing temperatures and make the transition to colder times gracefully. Many things change along with the seasons, including what we choose to sip on. Most of us only associate fall with the newest seasonal addition to our local Starbucks menu; however, let’s not stop our autumn-flavoured drink choices there! There is a whole collection of alcoholic beverages to concoct that ease the pain of putting away our bikinis and flip-flops for another 8 months. We’ve compiled three of the most delicious recipes that match a few different feelings that come along with fall to make the official Fourth Floor Must-Try Fall Cocktail Recipes:

For the bitter

Fact: Most of us are summer lovers, and the disappearance of warm weather brings on more scowls and scoffs than in the previous months. If you too are permanently bitter about the changing seasons, there is a cocktail that matches your outlook, aptly named “Bitter Fall Cocktail”.

What you need: Campari, gin, apple cider, lemon juice, simple syrup, and bitters.

How you do it: In a shaker, combine one ounce of Campari, three quarters of an ounce of gin (Bombay is always a good option), an ounce and a quarter of apple cider, a half ounce of lemon juice, a few drops of simple syrup, and three splashes of bitters. There are many flavours of bitters, however this recipe recommends Orange Dash. Add ice to the mixture, and shake, shake, shake. Strain the concoction into a glass of your choice, add fresh ice, and sip away. Nothing to be bitter about now!

Recipe courtesy of: DashBitters.com

For the festive

The season of holidays and cheer is fast-approaching, and let’s be honest, we all have friends who live and breathe this kind of spirit (or perhaps, you are one yourself). For them, and for the rest of us who want to pull out a party trick at Thanksgiving this year, this Pumpkin Pie Martini recipe will come in handy.

What you need: Vanilla vodka, white crème de cacao, cream, pumpkin pie purée (from a pie mix), nutmeg, and graham crackers (this list may sound a bit heavy, but just run with it).

How you do it: In a shaker filled with ice, pour two ounces each of vanilla vodka and white crème de cacao, a quarter cup of cream, plus a tablespoon and a half of pumpkin pie purée. Mix until well chilled, and strain into a martini glass. Finishing touches include a sprinkle of nutmeg, a graham cracker on the side for dipping (you can even add a dollop of whipped cream, if you feel so inclined). Who needs dessert when your drink takes its place?

Recipe courtesy of: MixThatDrink.com

For the spice-lovers

Something about the fall just screams spice – and if you’re one to embrace that, then this spiced rum cider may become your new go-to. A spicy tip: keep it in a travel mug and the fact that it’s spiked can be your secret.

What you need: Spiced rum, hot apple cider, lemon juice, sugar and cinnamon.

How you do it: Combine a tablespoon of sugar with a tablespoon of cinnamon. Dip your glass in lemon juice to wet the rim and then roll it in the mixture. Simultaneously pour in an ounce and a half of spiced rum and 4 ounces of piping hot apple cider. Stir these ingredients, and prepare to warm yourself up.

Recipe courtesy of: CelebrationsAtHomeBlog.com 

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