On the fourth floor has got a pretty cool new home in the heart of the fashion district. One perk that makes the new location so great is all the delicious and endless food options around us. And with food one of our top priorities, there are definitely no complaints here. Despite being very difficult to make the tough food choices, here are our fave five must-try restaurants in our ‘hood:

Banh Mi Boys Sandwich Shop

Banh Mi Boys

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If you ever decide to pop into this delicious little spot, it’s a must that you try steamed bao – with beef, chicken, pork, squid or tofu.  If you’re not in the mood for bao (whatever that odd reason may be), you can always grab a sandwich, taco or their side fries and salads.



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PR girls gotta stay fit and healthy, right? Fresh has all the picks for a healthy, feel-good meal. Your choices at Fresh range from soups to burgers to their signature fresh bowls (the Buddha bowl is amazing). 

Rose City Kitchen

rose city

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Whether you are in the mood for a snack or a good meal, Rose City Kitchen has got you covered. Everyone loves portion options. Here’s how it works:

You get one individually-prepared half pita if you want a snack, two if you want a meal or three if you’re starving. Your choices of filler are chicken, falafel, steak and halloumi. Finally, you need to choose weather you want a the RCK original sandwich,  Greek,  Lebanese, Moroccan or Egyptian.

Of course, you have your choice of sides such as poutine and kale salad.

CJ Lunchbox

CJ Lunchbox

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Everybody loves sushi! Well, okay maybe not. But if you do, and are in need of a quick fix, head over to CJ Lunchbox.  This spot is usually packed during the lunch hours, but the line is quick and well worth the wait.  Grab what sushi dish catches your eye and move along to grab your free miso soup. #YUM

Rock Lobster


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Rock Lobster is a known favourite #OnTheFourthFloor because of its extensive menu and back patio.  This spot will have you drooling over their lobster options and their such as lobster mac and cheese (like WOW) and their lobster tacos.

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