We will be the first to admit how daunting the task of cleaning our makeup brushes sometimes seems, but it’s a very important step, both for skincare and to preserve the life of our beauty tools.

Our brushes pick up not only the makeup we use (which decreases the likelihood of a smooth finish when they’re overdue for a cleaning), but the oil and bacteria on our skin, so it’s necessary to clean them regularly. Fear not! We have one of the easiest DIY methods – and it’s approved by the pros.

Step One: Pour equal parts dish-washing soap and extra virgin olive oil onto a clean plate.

Step Two: Dip the brush in the mixture, making sure the brush’s bristles are face down through the entire process.

Step Three: Move the brush in a circular motion on the palm of your hand until all of makeup seems to have loosened or come off.

Step Four: Rinse the brush in warm water, still making sure the brush’s bristles are face down. Be careful not to get any water near the handle. This will loosen the glue that connects the bristles.

Step Five: Don’t forget to wash other beauty tools like your eyelash curler as well! Simply put a bit of the mixture on your fingers and gently rub the pads of your eyelash curler until all of the makeup is off, then rinse in warm water.

Step Six: Use a clean cloth or paper towel to dry any excess water from your brushes, taking the time to reshape them as well. Lay them out to dry on a towel overnight.

So simple, and it will make such a difference in your beauty routine. In the market for some new beauty tools? We love BH Cosmetics’ brushes and this Tweezerman eyelash curler.

Happy cleaning!