Rose gold everything is all the rage right now, and we can’t get enough. The pinky hue can be spotted in jewelry, beauty, home decor and of course, fashion. The colour’s warm tones blend nicely with many skin tones, and it looks good with almost any outfit. It’s time to hop on the rose gold bandwagon.

Make a fashion statement

Rose gold is the perfect colour to add to any outfit for a subtle sparkle. When used in moderation, rose gold accessories will take your look from glum to glam. We love small finishes: dainty jewelry, a belt, headband, or nail polish to complement your outfit without overpowering it. Most people identify themselves as either a “gold person” or a “silver person”, based on personal preference and what looks best with their skin tone. If you are one of those people, fear not. Rose gold looks great when paired with both metals. Layer the soft metal with either for a softer statement. See below for some of our favourite ways to accessorize using the shade.

Beauty basics

Monochrome makeup is quickly becoming a trend this season. While it’s tempting to douse yourself in glitter and go wild, why not try a subtler shine? Choosing the shade that’s right for you is simple: if your skin has cool undertones opt for a colour with more pink than gold. If your skin has warm undertones, go more gold than pink. Had a long night, but don’t want it to show at work? Apply rose gold liner to the inside corners of your eyes to give them a dewy and refreshed touch. A look we are currently obsessing over is rose gold hair. That’s right, it’s not quite pink, not blonde, nor red, and it will definitely garner second glances. If your roots are dark, try an ombre look. There’s just something so romantic and elegant about a mane that fades into a subtle pinky hue.

Decorating touches

While rose gold has been used in jewelry for ages, it’s relatively new in the home decor game. Brass is very popular for finishes, but rose gold allows a more subtle shine. The colour adds a touch of warmth to any room, bringing the whole look together. Whether you’re adding sparkle with elegant finishes, or going all out with a full accent wall, you can’t go wrong with adding bling to your rooms (like the below rose gold planters!). Another fun way to incorporate the trend without breaking the bank is to add pillows with rose gold accents. It’s not so much that you need to totally rearrange your whole colour story, but just enough to create a cohesive style. If you’re big in the kitchen, these pots and pans are sure to impress your guests at your next dinner party.

Step up the shine game with your new favourite hue.