From runway to retail, celebrity outfits to street style, it’s hard not to notice the recent popularity of the bodysuit. Having been dubbed this season’s new crop top, bodysuits are everywhere. Sure they give you a sleek and seamless silhouette that is perfect for tucking into pants and skirts of all kind, but as anyone who has ever worn one will tell you, they have some drawbacks. We love them, but sometimes we love to hate them.

The Cons

The major pitfall of donning a bodysuit is obviously… when you have to go to the bathroom. Likely you’ve been dreading the inevitable inconvenience, causing you to race to the bathroom and fumble around in the stall trying to take off every article of clothing you have on to relieve yourself. When your outfits consists of not only a bodysuit, but skinny jeans and a jacket to top it off, this can be more cumbersome than originally anticipated. Some brands have tried to help us with this struggle by adding snaps. If you are opposed to a little full frontal in a public bathroom stall and have the tendency of holding it in until you’re making a mad dash to the toilet, this is probably the best option for you. But be warned, although the snaps are quick to rip open (#tbt to 90s tearaway track pants), doing them back up with the bodysuit still on can be tricky. Once done up, the snaps can be a little… well… uncomfortable. Which brings us to our next point, the wedgie. Bodysuits can be wedgie-prone, depending on their cut. Many bodysuits come cut like a thong, helping to mitigate this issue and avoid VPLs. We just wouldn’t recommend pairing these bodysuits with anything TOO low rise. The only thing worse than a whale tale, is a bodysuit in the form of a whale tail (although the girls from Fifth Harmony seem to disagree).

The Pros

We hope we haven’t scared you away, because in our opinion given the right bodysuit, the pros outweigh the cons. Sure bodysuits are great for showing off your curves, sucking everything in and holding everything up, but they also pair perfectly with high-waisted anything. From pants to skirts, bodysuits effortlessly and seamlessly tuck into anything without bunching. Nothing is worse than when you’ve tucked in a shirt only to have it slowly rise up, adding extra bulk to your midsection and leaving you to awkwardly try to tug and smooth out to fabric without making a full adjustment. Not only this, but with the placements of cut outs getting more and more daring (we see you Kylie Jenner), and backs more… nonexistent, bodysuits help to ensure that everything stays where it should. There’s nothing wrong with being a little risqué on a night out, but a wardrobe malfunction is never cute. Although there are some drawbacks, we say, channel your inner Bey and rock that bodysuit.

Celebrity Style

Not quite convinced? Get some inspiration from some of Hollywood’s biggest style stars. Whether you’re having a date night like Chrissy Teigen or want to look cute and casual like Gigi Hadid, the bodysuit is your perfect style companion. These stars prove that the bodysuit is this season’s most versatile must-have, pairing it with with everything from distressed denim to lace skirts.


Shopping Guide

Whether you’re looking to chanel Kimmie K in  Balmain, or want to add a boho bodysuit into your wardrobe, this trend truly has something for everyone. There is no shortage of bodysuits on the market right now, so get shopping and find the perfect one for you!