Laura Beeston is a Winnipeg-born, Montréal-bred, Toronto based writer, filing most recently for the Toronto Star. Her work has appeared in the Globe and MailThe Montreal Gazette, The Winnipeg Free Press, CANAL+ and C2 Montréal.

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Photo cred: Jesse Winter

Twitter: LauraBeeston

What was your first job?
Babysitter. Or wait, do you mean media job? Student newspaper, features editor.

Best advice for people getting started in your industry?
Be prepared to cold call your heart out; don’t expect this career to be linear; find the pleasure in each assignment; flex.

What are your favourite media outlets, not including your own?
The NYT, WSJ, The Atlantic, The Guardian, The Economist, The Independent,  The Globe and Mail, Maclean’s, NOW Magazine, The Winnipeg Free Press, VICE, URBANIA, CULTMTL, The Tyee (what a hippyyy), Jezebel, and whatever’s on Twitter that day.

I know I’m missing some.

My friends are also brilliant, lucky me.

Three of your favourite accounts to follow on Instagram?
@melodieperrault tattoo, @sabatmagazine (recently), @historyphotographed

Best interview you’ve ever had?
That’s tough. I feel blessed to speak to all kinds of people all the time; they’re so different and “the best” in their own ways, ya know? I am lucky that my job is to lob questions at people and make ’em explain. But perhaps “the best” thing about interviews are those moments when the veil is lifted: Real talk. Trust. A breakthrough. When you get there, you get to the heart of the matter. I live to dive deep like that with people and it is special when it happens. There is a lot of BS in the way of that moment.

I had to ask for an interview in the ICU with the family of a man who had been shot five times in the abdomen and it didn’t feel good at all (although it worked out in the end).

What rule(s) do you live your life by?
I dislike rules and those who enforce them. But I have a bunch of tattoos on my body that might help ensure this answer isn’t a non answer. So:

  • ‘trim the fat’
  • ‘give it time’
  • (a nordic symbol for flow)
  • ‘oui’
  • ‘non’

I hate?
That hate is trending right now.

I love?
As often as I can.

You’re boarding a plane tomorrow. Where are you headed?
To Iceland for sure; I have a lover waiting for me. Or back to Winnipeg to kiss a baby.

Favourite Kardashian/Jenner?
Sorry, who?

Who would be cast to play you in the movie version of your life?
Great question; I have no idea. But Winona Ryder is hot right now, so let’s go with her.

Nothing. The truth is that I suck at TV. I’m too scared to watch Stranger Things alone so remain paralyzed at episode three. Help. I need to find someone to let me hide behind them while we watch the rest because THE SUSPENSE IS KILLING ME.

It is totally uncommitted, but I have three books on the go: M Train by Patti Smith, Naked Statistics by Charles Wheelan and Consensual Sadomasochism, by William A Henkin & Sybil Holiday (for research, I swear).

Role model?
THE DIVINE FEMININE. Seriously, powerful femmes of all kind. And BLM the DAPL movements who are social justice incarnate and brave af. We are witnessing a movement. What an interesting time to be awake.

Song of the moment?
A lot of Leonard Cohen lately. Hallelujah.

Favourite app?
INSTA 4EVA. But anyone who’s been paying attention knows Chatbots are the next apps, c’mon.

One thing you can’t live without?
It’s a toss up between Montreal coffee (Montréalaise, roasted by Café Santropol) and sleep. Or a pen. Yeah, the pen. I’m a cliché.