From FENTY slides to Gucci loafers, it seems like we can’t escape the trend that is furry footwear. A trend initially thought of as being only for the runway, has taken over our streets and our instagram feeds. Since the trend literally stepped out onto the scene it has evolved, with designers creating sandals and booties donning everything from feathers to shearling. Are we pro furry feet? Or are our shoes starting to look more like pets than footwear?

Celebrity Style

Celebrities make a strong case for the fuzzy shoes. Resident cool girls, Kendall, Riri, and Gigi all rock their furry/feathered slides, loafers, and heels with laid back outfits. With these subdued statement shoes they are letting their feet do the walking and the talking.

Kim and Khloe have also been spotted out and about rocking black fur slides. And while we always appreciate a fashion trend that is comfortable… we have to wonder, is it a slippery slope? Is it not long before we are leaving the house without even changing out of our bunny slippers?

Although they do look comfortable, there is the question of practicality. We don’t know about you but images of the fur hanging off Gucci loafers and grazing the streets of NY give us major anxiety. Not to mention the WHITE fur. HOW does Gigi keep those white sandals clean? No amount of spraying will do the trick. For those of us who are constantly spraying our shoes with protectant, and scrubbing to try and get off a little scuff I think it is safe to say this is not the trend for us.

So these shoes are not the most practical… but however much anxiety it gives us, we love the look. There are many options out there that are less anxiety-inducing. We suggest avoiding light coloured fur, and opting for style with the fur on the top, not the sides.

Shopping Guide

This trend shows no signs of slowing down and there is no shortage of styles our there. We’ve compiled some of our faves whether you are looking to splurge or are on a budget.