We always start off the week with intentions of bringing a healthy lunch to work, but sometimes prepping lunch during the week is a hassle. To help make your workweek a little easier here are some of our favourite Sunday meal prep tips.

Prep and freeze your smoothies

Gathering all your ingredients and freezing them saves plenty of time in the morning. You can find some of our favourite smoothie combinations here. As an added bonus, freezing the ingredients make them last longer.

Set aside a mid morning snack

Whether it be a banana, mixed berries, or a handful of almonds, it’s great to have something prepped to tide you over until lunchtime. Pack snacks in smaller containers to maintain good portion control or find bento-box containers so you can separate your snacks, like veggies and hummus. Make a batch of some healthy muffins for an easy, on-the-go treat, like these banana muffins.

Prep a big batch of your favourite grain

If you make a big batch of rice, quinoa or whatever grain you choose on Sunday, it’s easy to throw together a quick lunch. Put your grain at the bottom of your tupperware, add a protein and vegetables on top, and you have a filling and balanced lunch.

Roast a ton of veggies

Not only is roasting veggies easy, but it’s also super tasty. Pick two or three vegetables and roast them in the oven. This will ensure that you have options to pick from and you won’t get bored eating just one vegetable for the entire week. Find cooking instructions, as well as some recipes for your vegetables here.

Find some inspiration

Follow Instagram accounts that are dedicated to meal prep! Photos, like the ones on @MealPreponFleek, are sure to give you a ton of new meal prep ideas to keep you inspired. Here is a list of more accounts to follow!