Toronto is a city full of creative energy and buzzing new artists. With so much talent, Toronto is home to many unique art galleries hidden around the city. Take a look at 5 art galleries you may not have heard of yet. These galleries showcase amazing pieces and exhibits from artists in the city and all over the world.

Art Square and Cafe Gallery

Located right across from the AGO, Art Square and Cafe Gallery is an amazing space that hosts two gallery spaces as well as a cafe in the back. The gallery is celebrating 12 years of being open this year, having successful shows both in the above ground and underground galleries. Their above ground gallery is 1000 square feet with ten foot high ceilings, sure to make any art display stand out. In contrast, the underground gallery is an ambient and remarkably flexible space that is sure to create a memorable event for you and for art lovers. Find details on their upcoming shows here.

The Power Plant Contemporary Art Gallery

The Power Plant Contemporary Art Gallery is an art space you have got to check out. Located in the Harbor Front Center, The PPCAG is designed with open windows that display a beautiful view of lake Ontario. They’ve got new events and exhibitions happening every week, and the best part? This year, all admission for shows are free! To check out who’s art you’ll be seeing next, click here.

Corkin Gallery


Located on the East side of Toronto in the Distillery District, Corkin Gallery is one of the most impressive in the city. The gallery is divided into five exhibition spaces which showcase well known contemporary artists. When visiting, you will get to enjoy work from standout artists all over the world. The Gallery represents a roster of artists whose works explore issues concerning the environment, identity, consumerism, and narrative in a variety of mediums including photography, concrete abstract painting, digital media, and sculpture. Here are the details for events and exhibitions coming up this month.

LE Gallery

LE Gallery is a really amazing space that is definitely worth giving a visit. At the mere age of 22, Wil Kucey set out with a goal to make it big in the Toronto art scene, creating LE Gallery. The gallery was created with the mission to provide young and budding artists a platform to showcase their talent. LE Gallery was opened to the public for the first time in 2003 in the Little Portugal area, and now features ten exhibitions every month. Pick a show and come support your local artists! For more details, click here.

Bau-xi Gallery

Saving the best for last, is the Bau-xi Gallery. This gallery has been around for over 50 years, having established a highly respected reputation in Toronto. Bau-Xi (pronounced bow-shee) was created by Paul Huang in 1965 in Vancouver to showcase the many Canadian artists in need of gallery representation on the West Coast. Since expanding into Toronto, Bau-Xi Gallery has been recognized as one of Canada’s most highly regarded art galleries, with a reputation founded on the highest standards in quality of art and service to clients. To see more info on the beautiful art work and upcoming events, click here.