It’s the middle of fashion month and while we’re documenting (and drooling over) looks from New York and London Fashion Week, we thought we’d take a moment to appreciate some looks off the runway as well. Although not featured directly in a specific show, street style offers a blend of runway and sidewalk style with plenty of room for experimentation. One thing we love about street style is the idea that you can style a fancy coat with sneakers or mix neon colours with multiple patterns. This year, the elements were hard at play in New York. From blizzards to freezing rain and blistering winds, show goers kept it simple with air-whipped waves, natural makeup and plenty of layers. Ironically, the same was at play in London (except with a little more sunshine and warmer temperatures), as statement coats, quirky handbags and bold pops of (patent) colour were all the rave. Check out some of our favourite street style picks from NYFW and LFW.

Interested in seeing how street style changes once fashion week hits Europe? Keep in the loop with Milan Fashion Week (February 22 to 28) and finally, Paris Fashion Week (February 28 to March 8).