Forget everything you know about fishnets. The once provocative ’90s fashion item is back with a vengeance and better than ever. No longer reserved for the daring, edgy and promiscuous, there truly is a fishnet for everyone in 2017. The key to its reimagined revival is in the styling, and with fishnets now coming in all shapes and sizes (from tights to tops to socks) there are so many great options. This trend is just getting started and the possibilities are endless.


Although this trend has slowly been picking up steam on the streets, it has been brewing on the runways for awhile. Back in Fall 2015 Proenza Schouler (left) styled its collection with bold thick fishnets peeping through slashes and cutouts in the garments, even showing the waistband of the tights in some looks. The trend continued and took on different forms in Spring 2016 shows. Maison Margiela (middle left) layered structured pieces over fishnet tights and tops. Saint Laurent’s (middle right) rocker chic collection featured an oversized short fishnet dress and Alexander McQueen took the trend couture with monochromatic fishnet gowns.

Celebrity Style

This trend has become a favourite amongst celebrities, especially the Kardashians/Jenners/Hadids. Whether their fishnets are peeping over the waistband of their distressed jeans, showing through their clear Yeezy-esque booties (left) or in the form of a full blown dress (centre), we’re taking note. Most recently Bella and Kendall have been leaving little to the imagination in scandalous mesh fishnet tops. But don’t worry, if #freethenipple isn’t for you, there are plenty of fishnet styling options that won’t have you at risk of a wardrobe malfunction.

Street Style

One of the best, and most practical ways to incorporate fishnets into your current wardrobe here in Canada is to wear them under your distressed jeans. Step up your denim game and pair holey light wash jeans with fishnets or have the waistband peed over the top of your pants, pairing the look with a crop top a la Kimmie K. Another easy way to incorporate this trend is with fishnet socks. We love this look with mules, sneakers, or if you want to combine two trends, with lucite heels/booties. If you prefer a more traditional approach to accessorizing, pair your fishnets with a skirt or dress. This a surefire way to add a modern edge to any outfit.

BRB, we’re going to go dig our fishnets our of our Halloween drawer.