When it comes to non-toxic beauty, it’s not just about using products that are all natural and organic. Instead, it’s about experimenting with products that don’t contain harmful chemicals such as phthalates, formaldehyde, petroleum, asbestos, lead acetate and coal tar. Specifically, these ingredients have been scientifically proven to be linked to issues such as cancer, hormone disruption, ADHD, allergies, reproductive problems, and so on. Since non-toxic beauty finds are gaining more traction, we guarantee there is a covetable product out there for you!

CleanseConsonant Skincare

Consonant’s mission is to deliver clinically effective, clean skincare formulated with 100 per cent natural and organic botanical ingredients to foster healthy and clear skin. The brand’s star ingredients are Tea Tree and Grape Seed Oils, which help hydrate the skin, eliminate uneven skin tone and fight blemishes. Our must-have product is the Natural Foaming Face Wash, which is branded as a 3-in-1 product. This frothy, gentle cleanser will remove makeup and leave your skin balanced (so you don’t need to follow up with a toner).


REN is known for its innovative skincare discoveries in phyto-science and mineral technology. Formulated to boost the skin’s natural process of protection, repair and renewal, each product is made with 100 per cent pure plant and mineral derived extracts and ethically sourced oils that serve to nourish and soothe the skin. While the entire line is outstanding, our favourite product is the REN Glycol Lactic Radiance Renewal Mask. This mask lifts and resurfaces dead skin to improve skin tone, texture, firmness and radiance. If you are more of the crafty type, here is a list of five easy and natural DIY face masks.

Moisturize – Tata Harper

Although on the pricey side, Tata Harper is a true skincare goddess and her product line proves that non-toxic skincare can truly change the composition of your skin. If you are someone who loves to splurge on skincare, definitely give Tata Harper’s Reparative Moisturizer a try. This lightweight cream delivers a surge of moisture to your skin without leaving it feeling heavy or greasy. Beauty tip: blend a few drops into your foundation for a tinted, oil-control moisture treatment. Another great (and less expensive option) is The Drunk Elephant’s Lala Retro Whipped Cream.

NailsSmith & Cult 

When it comes to nail polish, finding a (good) brand that is free of toxins proves to be a difficult task. While most nail polishes include harmful ingredients (that you definitely don’t want sitting on your nails for prolonged periods of time), these Smith & Cult polishes are gorgeous. The formulation is smooth and the application is even. We think this opaque, espresso shade in Lo-Fi is perfect for the cooler months.

LipsBITE Beauty

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BITE products are hand crafted to provide nourishing, restorative benefits to your lips. These lipsticks and lip moisturizers contain natural, organic ingredients as well as protective antioxidants that you can actually eat. Although we don’t recommend eating your lipstick, BITE products are packed with organic fruit butters and Manuka Honey making them a definite must-have in our beauty bag. Our favourite product is the Multistick, which applies like a cream and wears like a powder for weightless colour application. Pro-tip: apply with your fingers to your eyes and cheeks for an added pop of colour. Or, if you are looking for a soothing, leave-on lip mask that replenishes moisture, opt for the *new* Agave Lip Mask.

Harmful chemicals are everywhere and we understand that there is no way to completely eliminate toxins from your beauty regime. But if the whole clean beauty movement is something that interests you, definitely give these products a try. If you’re interested in learning more about natural beauty brands click here.