With spring around the corner, it’s time for us hibernators to get back into some sort of fitness routine. If you’re tired of the traditional gym grind or just not interested in running on a treadmill for 45 minutes, these boutique fitness studios encourage a different way to break a sweat. Whether you are looking to live out your prima ballerina dreams or how to surf (outside of the water), the road to your summer bod never looked so fun! We scanned the city for the best classes and newest fitness trends that are fun, effective and will keep you coming back for more! Check out our favourite #TO gyms to spring clean your typical gym routine.

Pursuit ORC

Located just north of Queen and Dufferin, Pursuit ORC is a 10,000 square foot obstacle course equipped with 19 different obstacles – think American Ninja Warrior vibes. While half the space is dedicated to the obstacle course, the other half houses a cryosauna and class space, where classes like prehabilitation and bar fit take place. The gym is suitable for all fitness levels and is an incredibly fun way to get an insane workout. While it is challenging, the inclusive environment and option to opt out of certain workouts makes it a welcoming space for all.

Surfset Toronto

Surfset Toronto is one of the most unconventional workouts in the city. Designed to shift away from the traditional static workout, Surfset Toronto challenges your body in new ways utilizing muscles in isolated, slow movements. Each one hour class is done on a surfboard (balancing on three stability balls) and combines resistance, cardio, balance and strength training elements. Seeing as you can set your own pace and resistance, this is a great place to challenge your body (and mind) and will definitely get you sweating.

The Monkey Vault 

Unique to Toronto, The Monkey Vault is the only parkour-focused gym in the city specifically dedicated to movement. The 10,000 square foot space mimics a cityscape, equipped with pipes, stairwells, wooden structures and a nine foot vertical wall. Designed to encourage people to practice parkour in a public setting, the floor to ceiling windows add an open-air feel encouraging local fans of the sport to scale real-world obstacles in urban settings, using nothing but their bodies. Whether you are interested in parkour, free running, tricking, gymnastics, break dancing or stunt training Monkey Vault is definitely worth a try!


Founded in 2012, Barreworks is the first Toronto studio to specialize in a ballet barre-based fitness class. The technique was developed by a team of local dance and fitness professionals dedicated to the creation of a safe, effective and fun exercise system (specifically a blend of fitness training, core conditioning, yoga and pilates). Using ballet barre, resistance bands and weighted balls, you will engage in an energizing combination of exercises that is unlike anything you’ve experienced before. The classes include muscle sculpting, cardio training, core conditioning and deep stretching with an emphasis on posture and alignment.

Ferris 360

Prepare for a fast and furious ride in the ultimate rapid-paced circuit gym. Ferris 360 is a small boutique gym located at Yonge and Davisville. Designed for the beginner, the athlete and everyone in between, Ferris offers a full body workout using a unique combination of cardio, strength, power, core and flexibility exercises. The gym offers 6 signature classes (full 360, treadstrong, abs & core, tabata, challenge and strength-o-noimcs) that are extremely dynamic allowing you to burn maximum body fat while increasing your strength, stamina, endurance, flexibility and agility.

Besides all the obvious benefits (good health, hot bod etc.) these classes will have you moving in ways you never thought you could and have you looking forward to (instead of dreading) your trips to the gym. If you’re looking for some new workout gear inspiration, check out our top picks here.