Every Monday, #OnTheFourthFloor is rounding up events to check out and everything else you need to stay-in-the loop with what’s going on in the city.

Tuesday, March 21: Canadian Film Fest

From Tuesday March 21 to Saturday March 25, you can catch the indie-spirited festival that celebrates Canadian filmmakers at the Scotiabank Theatre. See website for details and schedule.

Wednesday, March 22: Riverdale: Improvised

Are you as obsessed with Riverdale as much as we are? At The Social Capital Theatre, you can find an improvised show that recreates all the drama of the Riverdale TV series and fill in all the mysteries the show left out!

RSVP to the event page here.

Friday, March 24: Bastille: Wild, Wild World Tour

UK band, Bastille, are performing at the Air Canada Centre on Friday. You can listen to “Wild World” now: https://bastille.lnk.to/wild-world

Purchase your tickets here.

Saturday, March 25: Lights Out With Mill St.

Mill Street is having candle lit parties in honour of Earth Hour. On Saturday March 25th at 8:30 pm, Mill Street Brewery will host “Lights Out with Mill Street” – catch live acoustic performances over candle light by bands from Indie Week.

Have a great week!