You read that right, YELLOW. Before you cringe – give it a chance because the fashion world is definitely digging it. Everyone that matters is currently pulling off an adorable ensemble jaune or at least a yellow accessory. It may seem like a shock for yellow to be the hot new thing but it seriously looks great on anyone. I mean look around you, all your favourite stores currently have racks on racks on racks of this sunshine colour, you just haven’t noticed yet. Start looking forward to a very bright season with plenty of electric floral patterns, mustards, lemons and golds. Why wouldn’t we want a positive twist to summer 2017?

Celebrity Style

This trend is catching on quick with celebrities. This year’s red carpet events were flooded with bright yellow dresses. Everyone was buzzing about Emily Ratajowski’s Golden Globes after-party look. How great does a cute canary frock pair with Emma Stone’s luscious red locks? The little red bag completes the subtle yet chic red carpet look. J-Lo turns heads with any outfit, but put combine a bold yellow dress with some cleavage – woah! This particular shade complements her glowing skin oh so perfectly. Next time you’re out shopping for that party you’ve been looking forward to all year, take note!

Street Style

Shopping Guide

Convinced yet? Take a little risk and trust the Kendall Jenner. There is no need to commit to a full yellow wardrobe this summer but check out a few of these pieces: