Say cheeeeese. In need of a mid-week pick me up? We’re here for you. Queso, formaggio, queijo or even chizu – however you say it, this dairy goodness means happiness in any language. Take a quick break and go on a virtual fromage tour around the world. Here are some quick and simple ideas on how to cater to your cheese cravings: from dinner parties to dessert cheese, we’ve got you covered.



Raclette is not just cheese, it’s a meal, a lifestyle. Forget that fondue set for melted cheese, it’s time to get you a raclette party grill. Here’s how your dinner party is going to go down: you take charge of 800g of cheese, boil potatoes, grab a jar of cornichon and a couple (maybe more) bottles of red wine – then you ask each of your guests to bring slices of their favourite charcuterie. Voila voila!

The Netherlands

Smoked Gouda

If you ever find yourself on the streets of Amsterdam, you must not let this cheesy experience pass you by. So, there’s Gouda, which is already heavenly on its own, but then there’s smoked Gouda. It’s creamier, saltier and tastes like bacon/ham. Cheese that has hints of bacon from being smoked, this one is a must try.

The US of A

Monterey Jack

First of all, the city of Monterey, California is absolutely divine and is a must-see. When you put cheese and American in the same sentence, people think Easy Cheese or Cheez Whiz. Surprisingly, Monterey Jack is pleasant and goes great with an array of nuts and fruits. Grate this gem over your mac and cheese to finish.



Who doesn’t love copious amounts of Parmesan on their pasta? Well good news, Pecorino is a richer and tastier version. We consider this ‘pecora’ cheese to be a game changer. Yes we know, Parmesan is irreplaceable but seriously, consider grated Pecorino over that white sauce pasta you’re making and it will change everything.


Queijo minas

If you’re familiar with Brazilian cuisine then you’re no stranger to the famous pão de queijo, aka cheese bun. This handmade cheese is the source of one delicious appetizer and is also used as the base for many Brazilian dishes. If you don’t feel too keen on clocking in hours in the kitchen then simply cut up some Minas and indulge with red wine.

 Last but most definitely not the least… La France

Mont d’or

You can’t go wrong with this gooey & runny soft milk cheese. To prepare, poke two holes with a knife and stick in a couple garlic cloves and pour in a splash of white wine. Leaving it in its bark container, pop in the oven for 20 minutes. Mont d’or isn’t quite complete without slices of saucisse de Morteau. Then the best part, spoon it over some boiled potatoes and enjoy. Ohlala!


This is known to be one of France’s stinkiest cheese, but equally the most savoury. If you take on this soft cheese, expect your fridge to have an overwhelming stench. Thin slices of muenster serves as a topping on tarte flambées (the French version of an extremely thin crust pizza, but better). Check out Toronto’s 3 Brasseur for some of these pizza-like delicacies.

Tête de Moine

This is by far, is our favourite cheese. The name literally means ‘monk’s head,’ which refers to the tax collected by the monks after the French Revolution. Farmers who couldn’t afford to pay would offer cheese. This treat tastes as beautiful as it looks. When purchased, it usually comes with a cheese curler that spawns out charming cheese florets. Spoil yourself after dinner with a few rolls of cheese heaven.

Here’s to hoping all this cheese gets you through to Friday! For all things fromage check out the Cheese Boutique where you’re guaranteed to find everything listed above.