Just like Canada does, we’ve got your back on how to rock that perfect Canadian red. The true north is celebrating its 150th birthday and it’s time to get super patriotic in style. Canada Day weekend is upon us and we’re ready to jump in the pool with these fashionable trends. Sesquicentennial, we see you.


Celebrating Canada Day at the cottage? Or poolside in your backyard? We’ve got everything you need to get cozy with 150. Essentials include: a bold red bathing suit, an HBC beach towel, a Roots baseball cap and an anything-but-basic pair of denim. Once you’re dressed the part, make yourself a cocktail and get celebrating! When it comes to vodka and gin, it doesn’t get more Canadian than Spirit of York. The distillery produces exactly what you’d expect from Canada, only the finest. Now to keep the beverages cool all day long, forget your boring cooler and go big with a bright red Canada 150 edition. After long days of Canada-loving activity, snuggle up to a patriotic pillow case, exclusive to Casper and Peace Collective!


The truest thing about Canada is that we are the ultimate melting pot. That being said, Canadians love to travel and when we do, we love to show the world where we come from. No matter where you go, you can wear the red with pride. The subtle details on these products will sure showcase the true north strong and free. The world needs more Canada!

We wish you a Happy Canada Day – Bonne fête Canada!