If you’ve ever stopped by the rock-it promotions office, you’re sure to have encountered at least one of the many adorable dogs that are always hard at work brightening our days. In honour of all our furry friends, we decided to create “The Puppy Profiles”, an ongoing series where you’ll get to know the #rockitpromopups on a personal level.

Meet today’s star: Miss Bridget Fishman

Bridget is one of rock-it’s staple employees. She is always on time and rarely ever takes days off. During a typical workday, she can be found proudly perched on her desk, fast asleep, or growling at Chloe, one of the office’s other regulars. Her newest thing is walking across several desks to say hello to everyone throughout the day.

Bridget was rescued from Brockville, Ontario, by her owner Stacey. When Stacey adopted Bridget, the vet told her that she’s likely a mix of a Terrier and a Bichon, and that she’s approximately six years old. Despite the uncertainty, Bridget celebrates her birthday every year on April 6, because what would life be without birthdays?

Bridget’s favourite summer activity is spending time at the cottage on Lake Muskoka. She loves to feel the wind in her fur and sun on her face on boat rides and grabbing ice cream after to cool down.

Some of Bridget’s other favourite things are long sunset walks at Toronto Harbourfront, chasing squirrels, licking peanut butter, and sleeping in late on weekends to recover from her very busy weeks.

Of course, Bridget wouldn’t be a true Canadian pup and a Toronto local without also being a die-hard fan of the Toronto Maple Leafs. She can often be found sporting her team colours and barking at the TV whenever the Leafs score.

Above all, Bridget loves to spend quality time with her family. After all, nothing compares to being with the ones you love, and getting grandma to sneak you leftovers under the dinner table.

If you’re trying to get on Bridget’s good side, you should try not to get her wet. Bridget prefers to avoid baths and the cold winter weather at all costs. She thinks of herself more as a sunshine girl, and we can’t blame her.

If you want to follow all of Bridget’s daily adventures, make sure to follow her on Instagram @bubbiebridget. She may be a bit of an old soul, but she’s learned a lot from her time at rock-it and is on her way to becoming an all-star doggy influencer.