With Thanksgiving quickly approaching hosts are planning their feasts, dressing the table with gourd-forward décor and getting excited to see family and friends. But wait…what do you make for your vegetarian loved ones? Here are five delectable turkey alternatives that will have your guests giving extra thanks, this holiday.

Gardein Savoury Stuffed Turk’y

This soy-based stuffed roast will convince even the most avid turkey lovers. Gardein products are known for tasting great and the included gravy is a delicious bonus! Add on its 22-minute cook time and it’s almost too good to be true.


This vegetarian classic is a full Thanksgiving feast-in-a-box. Wild rice stuffing, mushroom gravy and even a “wishbone” – you’re sure to get the full Thanksgiving experience. Don’t forget the leftovers!

Homemade vegan roast

Not every option needs to be pre-made. Edgy Veg has a to-die-for option made from sweet potato, beans and other vegan-friendly ingredients. Author Candice Hutchings has also put together a complete collection of holiday options here. If you love these recipes, you should snag a copy of the Edgy Veg’s cookbook for more vegan comfort food options.

Stuffed squash

If a “loaf” isn’t for you, another in-season substitute is squash. With multiple varieties and the ability to make it savory or sweet, squash is one of the most versatile Thanksgiving vegetables. Throw in some healthy favorites like quinoa, pecans and cranberries and you have a main to impress them all. Check out one of our favourites here.

Veggie-Shepherd’s Pie

Shepherd’s Pie is filling and flavourful. It’s a great way to take items you probably already have in your kitchen and create a masterpiece. Anything this good can be made vegetarian with a few slight changes, like switching out meat for lentils. Minimalist Baker has a great example that will surely leave you and your veggie-inclined guests.

Whatever you choose for your holiday feast, we wish you a Happy Thanksgiving!