Time to dig into your mom’s / grandma’s closet ladies! Kitten heels are back and taking over all the runways. Was it just three years ago when Kitten heels were un-cool? We all know that low heels have been super trendy this past summer, with everyone investing in a pair of mules. Now all we seem to see on our feed is pointy-toed, Kitten heels on our fave fashion bloggers. Comfy yet cute, the minimal heel allows city living, fast-paced fashionistas to get from A to B with speed and maybe only one blister. With a shorter stiletto style, they’re not as comfy as your block heel, but definitely a good alternative to 6-inch stilettos. Yes, we know now you’re regretting not keeping those white slingbacks from your aunt, similar to how we’re regretting giving away our Juicy Couture tracksuits to our little cousins.


The shoes were introduced at various SS17 runways and we are in love! These babies are so versatile and can be dressed up or down with pretty much any look. However, it might not look as chic with that Juicy Couture tracksuit… darn. Above are three designer choices that are just gorgeous, the first being Dior with the ‘J’Adore’ print on the slingback. The next are a pair of Mansur Graviel’s that come in every colour you could possible imagine. The last are a gorgeous satin pair by Balenciaga, loving the statement colours!

Affordable but trendy

Now, for those of you who still want to look fashion-forward but can’t spend this month’s rent on a pair of shoes, here are some alternatives. The beloved Zara is always on trend, and above you can find some of the coolest kittens with unique designs. They’ve even incorporated the popular sock boots that are oh so comfy. Below you can find a few pairs from TOPSHOP, where they have moved full force into fall fashion, with most of their pieces in boot form.