With the cold slowly but surely creeping over the city, our evenings are more likely spent in the comfort of our homes. Whether on the sofa or in bed, this is the perfect time of year to get snuggled up with a good book for a captivating read.

Here are some of our newly released hot picks for your autumn reading list this autum.

A Reckoning – Linda Spalding

Inspired by Spalding’s own family, the book is set in 1855 as a Virginia family is thrown into chaos in the wake of the civil war. The family gets torn apart and we follow one half as they make their journey to Kansas, while simultaneously following one of the runway slaves looking to seek freedom in Canada. Their journeys are full of heart-stopping incidents, escapes, encounters and countless other adventures.

Spalding knows how to draw us in, with a story so irresistibly heartbreaking and adventures so wild they transport us to a different world.

Sleeping Beauties – Stephen King

This captivating father-son collaboration presents a world where all women have gone to sleep, a sleep that allows them to enter another place, a better world filled with joy and harmony. But what happens when their slumber is disturbed? Why do they break out in a violent rage as soon as they are awoken? Sleeping Beauties is a provocative and dramatic fantasy that questions society as we know it.

The Power – Naomi Alderman

Welcome to a world in which girls have power in their hands – literally. The possibility to electrocute anyone, especially men, through an electric current that exists their hands. Doesn’t that sound kind of appealing? The girls in this thrilling world flip the power play upside down and take all power from men – but where does one go from there? Alderman, who was mentored by the brilliant Margaret Atwood, hits the ground running with this one.

Someone You Love is Gone  – Gurjinder Basran

Canadian author Basran brings to life a world so daunting for many of us, yet so familiar. The main character, Simran is drowning in loss after her mother passes, her daughter chooses distance and her marriage fails. Simran journeys into her own, then her mother’s past to escape her currently lonely world. What she finds, might change everything. This book is perfect for the cold and wet autumn to come, letting us take a moment to remember how lucky we truly are.

Recovery – Russel Brand

Russel Brand is a notorious media figure – and this is him showing off why he is so much more than just a comedian. With his unique mix of honesty, humour and passion, he has created a manual for self-realization that anyone can relate to and learn from. You don’t have to be a recovering drug addict to enjoy this read- Brand speaks to an array of addictions, which nearly all of us encounter, including digital media, caffeine and even work.