The average closet is no longer categorized specifically and we no longer shop for work, shop for play, and shop for whatever else. Today, we spend with the intention of wearing one single item for various occasions in our lives. The resulting trend: Athleisure. However, there are a few rules on how to make an athleisure outfit work. Every. Single. Time.

First and Foremost: Clean and cool sneakers ONLY

In order to keep your athleisure outfit chic, a fresh pair of kicks is a must! This rule is pretty straight forward. Opt in for adidas Originals to ensure your athleisure outfit is on point.

Accessorize the Legging

Forget about the time your boss told you leggings are not pants; times have changed. However, when rocking that favourite legging, whether colour blocked or mesh detailed, you must have an accessorized piece to step it up a notch. The key is not to look like you just ran a mile, but are fashionable and comfortable. Throw on a bold lip, a trendy coat, or a great pair of simple black sunnies. And similar to the athleisure queen herself, Gigi Hadid, you’ll be ready to conquer any errand, meeting or social run in.

Mix and Match

Mrs. Yeezy and her nothing-short-of-fashionable circle stand at the forefront of this trend. When it comes to athleisure and dressing it up, pair one of your favorite athletic items with a day/night wear piece. With sportswear and high fashion designer collaborations, such as VetementsXReebok and FentyxPuma, giving us permission to be more versatile and playful with our wardrobe selections.

Be Fully Committed

Yet another rule drawn out by the athleisure committee: Just go for it. Rock that trendy tracksuit with your favourite booties, pull on that fur coat and amp up the basic leggings. Walk confidently knowing you’re comfortable and fashionable, without being dressed up to the nines. Check out Kendall Jenner as she rocks the millennial tracksuit.

Athleisure encourages us to be cool, comfortable and trendy this fall. Have fun with your wardrobe!