If you’ve ever stopped by the rock-it promotions office, you’re sure to have encountered at least one of the many adorable dogs that are always hard at work brightening our days. In honour of all our furry friends, we decided to create “The Puppy Profiles”, an ongoing series where you’ll get to know the #rockitpromopups on a personal level.

Meet today’s star: Miss Chloe Lucero-Lee

Chloe is probably rock-it’s most consistent furry friend. She comes in nearly every day and you can always count on her for hugs and great coffee break company. We don’t really believe in choosing favourites, but it would be hard to deny that Chloe is one of rock-it’s faves.

Chloe is actually a rescue who had a pretty ruff life before getting adopted by Marela. We don’t know her real birthday, but she celebrates her adoption day on October 18. People love guessing Chloe’s breed even though all we know is that she’s some kind of terrier mix. Our best guess is that she’s a blend of Winnie the Pooh and a West Highland.

Chloe can usually be found hiding under the couch from Blondie, looking adorable in photo-ops with Blondie, or trying to beat Blondie at tug-of-war.

Chloe is also notorious for sprawling out in the middle of the office in little patches of sunlight. She’s has big dreams for herself and after a busy day, you’re sure to hear her yapping away in her sleep. She’s also quite the little yogi and is an expert at downward dog, superman and sphinx. (Marela is still working on teaching her to do these on command.)

On any given day, you can never be sure who Chloe will come or leave with. She takes turns having sleepovers with some of rock-it’s other ladies, and even causes the occasional argument on who will get to take her home. Heartbreaker much?

A fun fact about Chloe? Since she’s a rescue, Marela didn’t know if Chloe knew any commands until a woman in a pet shop told her to sit. We have a feeling she has a few more tricks up her sleeve… Speaking of tricks, Chloe is a sucker for freshly popped popcorn and bully sticks, and she’s not afraid to use her big brown puppy eyes on you.

Red flags for Chloe include fancy handheld vacuums, having air blown in her face and her very evil pink cone. Much like Bridget, Chloe has no interest in getting wet – be it rain, snow or baths. Marela says that Chloe actually has the same sixth sense as Karen from Mean Girls – she can tell when it’s just about to rain.

If you want to get to know Chloe on personal level, head over to her Instagram @LifeOfChloe. She’s got quite the dedicated fan base, but she always stays humble and makes time for her loved ones.