From the runway to the streets, puffer jackets have been the centre of attention for this upcoming winter season. Best worn how all outerwear is seen on models / style stars these days – basically falling off. Emerging in the ’80s in the streets of Milan, to ’90s New York City rappers, and more recently a more modest but very popular version – Uniqlo jackets. These bold statements will be sure to keep you warm in this Canadian winter! Many are filled with down, or other cold weather-friendly materials, so you can finally have the option of comfort AND style.  However, it wasn’t so long ago that the puffer was largely out of favour for most people, even the fashion forward. It was a fashion faux pas that gave the message you have succumbed to the dropping temperatures and passed on the sleeker, thinner coats. But now, whether you’re looking to layer up to walk through the city with a pair of heels or EVEN go skiing, this jacket definitely aims to please.


With a bright statement piece like this Moncler number, the Michelin Man is looking a little cooler these days. The puff is here to stay in this look, with a Moncler puffer scarf around the waist. You can purchase the red coat here. Of course, an athleisure number definitely had to be included in this post. Below is an option from the growing contemporary brand, Adidas.

Affordable but trendy 

Now for the best part! Options that won’t hurt the savings account. Above are three options from Zara that range in styles and colour. The brand styles most if not all, as a casual look, showing how the puffer can be incorporated into everyday style. As one can see, the brighter and bolder, the better! Whether dressing down or going out, there is a perfect puffer jacket for any look. Below are three options from TOPSHOP, where they have chosen an athlesiure approach to styling,

Stay warm, friends.