It’s that time of the year again when your Sunday nights are spent with your favourite bottle of red and some of the most glamorous award shows of the year. With each show we get major updates on the fashion scene, plenty of entertainment on the newsfeed and top notch performances by the very best of the best. Some performances leave a much longer lasting impact than others and we want to take a moment to recognize some of the top female performances at award shows ever! Who runs the world…

We don’t have to look far to find our number one. Kesha‘s performance this past Sunday at the 60th annual Grammy Awards was one that will not be quickly forgotten. This performance was full of impact and power and Kesha absolutely killed it. If by any crazy chance you missed the Grammys this year, this one is a must see!

The 2017 JUNO Awards also hosted some unforgettable acts. Feist’s tribute to Leonard Cohen at last year’s event was an all time fave. A classic we’re not cryin you’re crying moment, Feist’s melodic vocals most certainly left a lasting impression.

While our dear friend Bey is known to put on quite the show, last year’s performance at the Grammy’s may be the number one in history and in our hearts. If being six months pregnant and putting on a show like she did doesn’t say fabulous then we truly don’t know what does.

Next up is Adele’s, “When We Were Young” performance at the 2016 Brit Awards. It’s safe to say that anytime Adele opens her mouth it’s going to be legendary.

Last but absolutely not least…. Lady Gaga (as if Lady Gaga could ever go unmentioned). Her performance at the the 2016 Oscars was basically a life changing performance for women everywhere. In a year full of turmoil and change, this performance speaks to it all!