Saving money while living in the city is not an easy task. We find ourselves constantly being talked into going out for a drink with friends or treating ourselves to a pricey Sunday brunch, because who doesn’t love $20 eggs benny. We’ve put together some handy tips to keep the cash flow on a leash.

BUY A TRAVEL MUG! Coffee is an absolute must in our morning (and 3 p.m.) routine, but it can get expensive in the city, especially if you drink anything other than drip. Invest in a quality to-go coffee mug and start making your coffee in the morning before you leave for work. We promise you’ll notice a difference in your bank account. Simple but oh so effective. DAVIDsTEA and Second Cup have super cute options.

Sunday meal prep will save your life. We all know the struggle of trying to find healthy lunch choices without breaking the bank downtown. Lunch in general is not cheap in the city, let alone making healthy meal choices, which is always a plus. We’ve become avid funs of a Sunday afternoon spent cooking. It’s a warm and productive way to spend your day and you get to experiment in the kitchen. Our go-to recipe resources of the moment? Oh She Glows, Smitten Kitchen and My New Roots (to name a few).

Uber pool and make new friends. We can’t deny that in these cold winter months walking or waiting for transit is a real struggle. Ultimately a lot of us count on Uber and Lyft to get around the city in a quick and warm way but these rides can add up very quickly. Pooling your rides is a super easy way to reduce the price, not to mention it’s more environmentally friendly.

Workout at home like you have never worked out before! Gym memberships and classes can get pretty pricey if you’ve got some serious fitness goals. If you’re desperate to financially cut back this winter, there’s a variety of apps for great home workouts. Sworkit and Nike + Training Club are a few of our favourites, but the options are endless…and cheap.

We all know the struggle of living in a pricey (but amazing) city! Some tiny adjustments can make the world a difference, so for those of you looking to set you New Year’s Resolution still, make 2018 your year of saving with any of these easy tips.