Happy 2018! With the New Year comes new goals, lists of resolutions and of course exciting and not so exciting health trends and fads. Here are our predictions for the top five health trends to follow this year.

Activated Charcoal

Now available as more than just an Instagram-able teeth whitening product. Ah, yes the lovely chalky and dusty substance that we saw making headlines in 2017 is back and better than ever this year as it becomes a key ingredient in detox drinks hitting the market. 

Maca Powder 

You’ve heard it here first ladies, it’s the Beyonce of all beauty foods. This powder is known to improve sexual function, will have your skin looking fresh and glowy, while also balancing your mood and hormones. Want to improve brain function at work? Try adding a couple scoops to your morning green smoothie or stop by your local food store where it can be found in the form of an elixir.  

Low-Cal Ice Creams

What’s that? it can’t be true.. a diet ice cream? Move over Ben & Jerry’s make way for Halo Top. We’ve seen coconut and soy based ice cream in our supermarkets for a while, but keep an eye out for this new protein-packed, less-than-300-cal version of the delicious treat that will fit into any New Year’s diet plan you’re following. 

 Golden Milk

The healing spice Turmeric has quickly become the next big craze. Lauded for its curing properties (re: fights inflammation, acts as an antioxidant, powerful brain booster), we pretty much put Turmeric on everything these days. Make your own form of the golden milk at home using your choice of milk and channel that Ayurvedic medicine vibe. 


Though we have been familiar with the probiotic tea for a while now, we took a look at a few of the main reasons why we have to incorporate this into our 2018 lifestyle. The sweet, fermented beverage can be homebrewed with quality bacterias and cultured yeast to provide individuals with a holistic alternative to basic medicine. Known to support the immune system, improve liver function and boost energy, this magical beverage has also been rumored to prevent cancer and significantly improve arthritis. Happy brewing!