Mac & cheese, a once thought of childhood dish, has been making its way onto menus everywhere. This family- favourite has been challenging chefs far and wide to find a way to turn this classic comfort meal into something gourmet- more wild and cheesy than the rest. Read on to find out which Toronto restaurants have what it takes to make your cheesy dreams come true.

Thompson Diner

This is the ultimate Toronto fan favourite; when Torontonians think of mac & cheese, their brains’ almost always go straight to the Thompson Diner. Maybe it’s because it’s open 24 hours, or maybe it’s that cheesy, decadent flavour that instantly spikes your taste buds, causing you to drool even at the thought of it.

Thompson’s double mac & cheese is oozing with asiago and mozzarella, covered in a panko crust and drizzled with truffle oil. It is guaranteed to knock your socks off.

Location: 550 Wellington St W

Bobbie Sue’s Mac + Cheese

Bobbie Sue’s brings all the flavours to its mac & cheese. You’ll find anything from a classic five-cheese blend mac to a carbonara mac, and all those in between. Be bold and opt for the menu’s most wild mac & cheese: the “camp mac,” consisting of all-beef hot dogs and yellow mustard.

Don’t be alarmed by the adventurous collabs, this joint definitely knows how to work its cheese.

Location: 162 Ossington Ave.

Prohibition Gastrohouse

This east-end gastrohouse holds one of the boldest truffle mac & cheese dishes in the city. This extra creamy combination of just about every fancy cheese you could think of (Gruyère, Emmenthal, L’Ermite Bleu & Boschetto al Tartufo) blends to perfection with black truffles and white truffle oil.

If you’ve really earned it, go ahead and add the house-smoked bacon to this already perfect combination of excellence. You won’t regret it.

Location: 696 Queen St. E.

The Gabardine

This cozy eatery is located smack in the middle of the financial district, and is a daily hotspot due to its irresistible mac & cheese. The old-fashioned, home cooking inspired vibes make way for the ultimate mac & cheese classic. This smooth and cheesy plate is layered with a herbed breadcrumb crust and cooked to perfection every time.

If you’re craving that extra bit of comfort, add on the smoked ham for the tummy hug you know you need.

Location: 372 Bay Street 

Junked Food Co.

From the people who brought us edible cookie dough, Junked Food Co’s selection of mac & cheese is just as remarkable. The selection ranges from relatively basic to completely bizarre, which comes as no surprise from this joint. Whether you make it whack style, Chicago style or cover it in sugary sauces, you’re guaranteed to have a creamy, cheesy dish you’ll never forget.

Location: 507 Queen St. W

Now go on, get cheesy.