Well it’s that time of year again. The bouquets and chocolates come out, restaurant reservations are booked full, and we get a swift reminder on whether we’re single or not. But fear not, you’re in the same boat with millions of other eligible bachelors/bachelorettes. Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be an annoyance of a holiday if you aren’t celebrating it with a special someone, as there are plenty of ways to participate solo on the most romantic day of the year. So here’s a helpful little singles guide to Valentine’s Day!

Self Love!

If Valentine’s Day is all about love, then what’s wrong with loving yourself? Take some time to kick back and relax, put on a face mask, pour a glass of wine and slip into a warm bath. Treating yourself and self care is is the most loving thing you can do this Valentine’s Day cycle. You deserve it.

Friends Date

Link up with your fellow singles! You’re bound to have some unattached friends that also have nothing to do on Feb. 14. If you can find a restaurant that isn’t completely reserved or a movie theatre playing this month’s comedy, go on a friends date. You love your friends and you all share the same struggle this Valentine’s Day, so get a squad going and celebrate each other.

Retail Therapy

Circling back to the art of treating yourself, do yourself a little shopping this holiday. Either take a nice trip to the mall, or do it from the comfort of your bed, you can get yourself some new outfits to strut around in for the remainder of the year. Shopping lifts any mood, and the same effect works on a single Valentine’s Day. Get stylish.

Solo Date

Take yourself on a date! You’re an independent individual and you don’t need another person to validate yourself on a commercial holiday, show yourself a good time. Go out for a drink, sit down at a table for one and grab a bite, go dancing, whatever you want. Just go out and have fun, and look like a boss doing it. Most likely, all eyes will be on the confident single enjoying their Valentine’s Day without a date.