As we near the end of February, we are all more than ready for a little relief from this winter chill; the cold commutes to work and seemingly endless grey skies. There’s no time like the present to treat yourself with some of Toronto’s many gems. While it’s a bit too early to get spring ready, we can at least embrace this last leg of winter.

Get that Glow!

Blitz Facial Bar offers some of the best facials that Toronto has to offer. Whether you need a quick in-and-out facial like the Blitz + Glow or you wanna go the whole 9 yards with the one of a kind O2, Blitz has something for everyone and is going to leave you glowing for weeks after. What better way to treat yourself than with a long lasting results?


This one genuinely needs no explanation…Pick a Sunday afternoon and your best gal pal and hit up an unforgettable dessert. Since February is far too soon to start worrying about our summer bods (wishful thinking), divulge in some of the most decadent treats in the city. Check out Canada’s first ever CheeseCake Factory location at Yorkdale Mall.

Sign up for a cooking class

For all those recipes you have saved on your phone or bookmarked but never got around to, now’s the time. Pick a Saturday afternoon and learn some new recipes to treat your tastebuds. You’ll not only be treating yourself with your amazing new dish, but you can also impress your friends or create the perfect date night cooking. Nella Cucina has everything you need to master those cooking skills (or lack there of).

Just stay in

It’s insanely underrated but a treat that you will be thanking yourself for for weeks to come. Living in a busy city can sometimes feel like you never get a real break. There is always something to do or someone to see, but grab your favourite tea, maybe order a pizza or two and watch some of those flicks you keep saying your going to watch. Better yet, go to bed early, it’s a completely underrated treat that pays off in the days to come.