No longer confined to the orthodoxy of the gym, we’re now free to boost our endorphins beyond the treadmill and work out in unconventional ways and spaces. Since we’re in Toronto, we now have the privilege of trying out all the eccentric, sweaty, fun ways to trick ourselves into enjoying fitness.

If you relate more to Carrie’s fitness swag than Charlotte’s, check out any of the five classes below. Not only will it boost your endorphins to get you feeling like a goddess, it’ll provide a juicy story for you to share with your girls during Sunday brunch.

Here’s a list of fave five new workouts in Toronto:

Aerial Yoga

TL;DR feel the metamorphosis of a caterpillar transforming into a butterfly via silk and lots of core strength. Part acrobatics, part yoga, part metamorphosis, this class will leave you feeling like gravity is so 2017. Whether or not you’re a seasoned yogi, taking your practice to the next, airy level.

Bodies by Elle

Half the class takes on a treadmill, the other half is spent crying on the ground in a fetal position alternating between HIIT intervals. Bodies by Elle is not ready to PLAY. If you’re signed up for this, be ready to put in work. It doesn’t matter what level you are, advanced or embarrassingly amateur, the setting, the instructor, your classmates curate the setting to be invincible to even the most potent of excuses.


You won’t learn to surf….but you’ll just be able to workout Beach-Boys style and surf an imagined USA in downtown Toronto. So, same thing. Surfset offers yoga-inspired workouts, cardio classes, muscle toning, or a mixture of all of the above. Try it with your friends next time. Toronto doesn’t have an ocean but your imagination does. Ignore that last sentence.

Pop Physique

A mixture of barre fitness and pilates with Andy Warhol aesthetics and all the summer jams. Pop Physique’s ambiance is so fun and cheerful, it distracts you from how much you’re muscles are going to burn the next day. Instructors keep you on your toes, music keeps you groovin’ and the pop-art aesthetic keeps the vibe fresh.

Drag Queen Ballet

GET IT HUNTY! Learn the poise, grace, and ferocity from ballet and drag, and express yourself through the art of dance. Toronto School of Burlesque offers more than classes on the art of the tease, they offer a ballet. If there’s one workout that’ll leave you feeling as fabulous and poised. The only way ballet could be elevated in class and grace is to have a drag queen instruct it. Shante, you stay girl.