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Singles Guide to Valentine’s Day

Well it’s that time of year again. The bouquets and chocolates come out, restaurant reservations are booked full, and we get a swift reminder on whether we’re single or not. But fear not, you’re in the same boat with millions of other eligible bachelors/bachelorettes. Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be an annoyance of a holiday… Read more »

Five Soups to Warm Your Soul

Ah, January! The month of ambitions, resolutions, and of course, ambitious resolutions. It’s the month after we all survived (or relished) a steadfast barrage of drinks and food, to commit to a healthier lifestyle; what could be more virtuous than a nice, hearty bowl of homemade soup? If you’ve been subsisting on leftovers, take-out, butter… Read more »

Yummiest Hot Chocolate Recipes

Baby, it’s cold outside! At this time of year, nothing beats warming yourself up with a steaming cup of classic hot cocoa – that is, unless you were to try of one of these oh so AH-MAZING creative and tasty hocho recipes that could give even the most steadfast chocoholic cause for pause.   Decadent Dark Hot… Read more »

Fashion-able: What to Pack for A Fall Weekend Getaway

Hello beautiful #OnTheFourthFloor readers – we are here today to tell you that fall getaways are now a thing. We’re sure you’ve heard of summer and winter getaways, but why not take advantage of this crisp autumn weather and take a weekend off with: a) your significant other, b) your best friends, c) yourself (alone… Read more »

DIY: Hair Masks for the Summer Heat

Get those crafty hands ready for some DIY hair action. The sun can cause your hair to turn brittle and dry without the proper care. But don’t worry – we’re your Summer Sixteen hair saviors *insert prayer hand emoji*. Without further adieu, here are four killer DIY hair masks to take your hair from fried to… Read more »

DIY: Get your home holiday ready

December is officially here friends! The holidays are the perfect time of year to roll up your sleeves and partake in some DIY action. Simple and affordable, these brag-worthy creations will not only impress family and friends, but also add festive flare to any home. It’s time to break out the glue gun and get… Read more »

How to: Cleaning your beauty brushes

We will be the first to admit how daunting the task of cleaning our makeup brushes sometimes seems, but it’s a very important step, both for skincare and to preserve the life of our beauty tools. Our brushes pick up not only the makeup we use (which decreases the likelihood of a smooth finish when… Read more »

DIY: Herb Garden

If you love to cook, nothing’s better than being able to pinch a few herbs from your own personal garden. More than a pretty addition to an outdoor space, having fresh herbs at your disposal will save you money at the grocery store and impress guests at your next dinner party. Convenient and inexpensive, the… Read more »

DIY: At home facial masks

From Frank’s Coffee Scrubs to Lush’s Fresh Face Masks, fresh ingredient facial masks are all the rage right now – but why spend the big bucks when you can find all the ingredients you need to make one in your own kitchen? This avocado and banana facial mask is our fave #OnTheFourthFloor because it’s quick,… Read more »

DIY: Sushi night

Going out for sushi is always a great time and a break from our everyday eating habits. It’s fun to eat, it’s healthy and (bonus!) it pairs well with a glass of white wine. The presentation and preparation is an art form, one that we don’t appreciate enough as we quickly chopstick the Futimaki into… Read more »

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Singles Guide to Valentine’s Day

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