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DIY: All things Easter

After a long week at WMCFW, we are extremely grateful to have this glorious Friday off. While most of us will spend the day in bed watching Netflix, some of us will attempt to do some fun Easter activities. Here are some DIY projects to get started on. Egg Decorating It wouldn’t feel like Easter… Read more »

DIY: How to rip an old pair of jeans

We all have old articles of clothing collecting dust in our closest, begging to be given new life. When putting your spring wardrobe together, why not try to revamp a pair of old skinny jeans to give your spring look a bit of edge? Save a buck and grab an old pair of jeans (you… Read more »

DIY: Creating a luscious terrarium

Open-air terrariums are basically mini tabletop gardens, which don’t require a green thumb to make or maintain. The materials are easy to come across and some of them might already be lying around your home. Not only are terrariums an oxygen booster, but they’re also a fun and easy way to add a little greenery… Read more »

DIY: Herb-infused cocktails

When it comes to mixed drinks it’s easy to whip something up with one part fruit juice and one part alcohol. Infusing herbs into cocktails is great way to compliment the various fruit flavours and adds a special twist to your beverage. Even though we are months away from warmer temperatures, having a sip of… Read more »

DIY: Dry Winter Hair Masks

Despite fun February events, including Super Bowl XLIX, Family Day and Valentine’s Day also known as the weekend Fifty Shades of Grey hits theatres, we’re feeling the SADness of the season. We’re not ones to let something as trivial as the weather get us down for long, we’re popping on bright lipstick, booking tropical vacations and embracing… Read more »

DIY: Show your booties some TLC

February is here are and we’re knee-deep in slush, yet some of us have not fully transitioned into wearing the appropriate footwear to brave our harsh Canadian winter. Here #OnTheFourthFloor, rocking our beloved leather booties from season to season is how we’d like things to stay, however, we know that this isn’t possible without exercising a little TLC on our… Read more »

DIY: Winter Accessories

Here #OnTheFourthFloor we enjoy saving some extra cash and reusing those items that have been stuffed away in our closets to create something new. Today, we are going to show you how one old sweater can be turned into multiple cozy winter accessories. Spend a Sunday afternoon rummaging through your closet for some old sweaters… Read more »

DIY – Staying Fit For Winter

Winter is coming meaning our couches are friendlier than ever. This is bad news for our beach bods and great news for the lazy potato inside all of us. Many of us tend to fall in to terrible habits during this coldest time of year, whether it’s through eating or lack of exercise, which is why we’re… Read more »

DIY: The fishtail braid

Here on the Fourth Floor, we appreciate a good braid. They’re sleek, sexy and if you know how to do them properly, simple. To demonstrate our current favourite braid, the fishtail, we look to our friend Tracy Briggs, senior manager special events at the Canadian Opera Company, to teach us how to DIY the fishtail… Read more »

DIY: Spring planters

Planter Pointers There are few things that make us happier than the bounty of beauty that the season of spring brings. From the melting of snow and the swelling of streams to the singsong of chirping birds – spring (it seems to us) is nature’s way of celebrating the fact that we’ve survived yet another… Read more »

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