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Fave 5: Up and Coming Canadian Brands

It’s November, it’s warm, and you’re probably thinking “WHAT am I supposed to be wearing right now?!” If you’re in a bit of a fashion rut, there are ways to snap out of it and revamp your style. Besides adopting a new trend, incorporating a new colour palette, or recycling pieces from your closet –… Read more »

Five Foods That Make You Feel Good

Tired of having to work through your food coma? Afraid of your food baby cramping your style? Here are five foods (and recipes) to make you feel good again! We all wish we were that person that gets up early, drinks a bath tub’s worth of lemon water and eats clean, all damn day. It’s… Read more »

Fave 5: Drake Remixes

We are very much fans of the 6 God here #OnTheFourthFloor, so you can imagine our excitement upon learning that Drake is coming out with a new album – and with Yeezus himself no less (BLESS). This collaboration is sure to be one for the books, as these two are undoubtedly two of the best… Read more »

Most ‘grammable brunch spots

The weather is warming up, and we’re feeling the sunny vibes. Springtime = mimosas on the mind, and what better way to celebrate than with weekend brunch? We’ve rounded up the city’s most insta-worthy brunch options: from the food, to the easy-on-the-eyes staff, to killer views, we’ve got you covered. School You can find this… Read more »

Fave Five: Fashion Films

One of the many reasons that the fashion industry is so fascinating and alluring is due to its glamorous and elitist perception. We love watching fashion documentaries because of all that they reveal, showing in many cases that this perception is a mere illusion. Premiering at the Tribeca Film Festival this Friday, The First Monday in… Read more »

Round Up: Toronto food and restaurant apps

If there’s two things that we’re surrounded by on the daily, it’s technology and food. In recent years, the two have come together and given way to a sea of food and restaurant apps that our making our lives that much easier. Today #onthefourthfloor, we’re rounding up five notable Toronto food and restaurant apps perfect… Read more »

PR Girl’s Guide: Daredevil Dating

Sometimes your love life could use a little excitement… literally. With the arrival of spring, we can’t help but get excited thinking about all the thrilling date opportunities that Toronto has to offer. Whether you’re looking to put your relationship to the test, see your partner put their money where their mouth is, or have… Read more »

TFW: Where to eat near the tents

We’re now on Day 2 of TFW FW16! With a week full of runway shows, parties, photo ops and impromptu run-ins, one can easily spend several hours mixing and mingling with fellow fashion lovers. But don’t forget, even the most fabulous divas need some sustenance to stay stylish. Here of some of our favourite restaurants,… Read more »

Yum yum: Cheap eats

Food is great, but you know what’s even better? Cheap food. There’s nothing more exciting than heading out and stumbling across a restaurant that is both affordable and satisfying. Whether you’re looking to vege out or indulge in some fried goodness, check out some of our favourite city cheap eats below. We promise you’ll be planning… Read more »

Fave 5: Fashion illustrators on Instagram

Fashion illustration is experiencing a serious revival. The imaginative nature of illustration allows artists to take already beautiful fashion creations and elevate them. Many illustrator Instagram accounts take inspiration from fashion or pop culture and interpret it in their own distinct style. With award season and fashion month coming to an end, this is the… Read more »

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