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Bars of the World

When travelling to new destinations we usually have a few things on our mind: where’s the best place to stay, eat and most importantly, drink! From underground dance caves in Havana to beer halls in Berlin, cities around the world have come up with some exceptional drinking spaces. So grab your drinking buddies and see if… Read more »

Where In Canada the Stars Should Move

Over the past few weeks American celebs have been showing a great interest in moving to Canada. From angry tweets to well-planned escape routes travel plans, Americans are looking north of the border. So if these celebs do decide to join us in the promise land, here is where they should move! Bryan Cranston “It wouldn’t be… Read more »

Where You Should Travel Based on Your Myers Briggs Personality Type

­­­­Worse than your seasonal cold, 24-hour flu, or that questionable seafood you had, the travel bug will claim your soul and bleed you dry! You’ve put up a good fight so far but it’s time to give up and give in to the wanderlust infliction and find out where you should be travelling this year… Read more »

JetSet: Calgary Stampede

As another Stampede drew to an end this past Sunday, locals and Stampede enthusiasts alike are already counting down the days until next year. For those who haven’t been, the Stampede is truly an experience you need to have that you won’t get anywhere else. From the second you step off the plane you’ll feel transported… Read more »

JetSet: Wine Trippin’ – Niagara, ON

The summer weather is upon us and what better way to spend a sunny day than to take a wine tour in Niagara? Most people often associate Niagara with Niagara Falls but there is so much more to the beautiful Niagara Peninsula. This area is home to some of the nation’s best wineries and scenic… Read more »

JetSet: Under the Sea

Contrary to what you may have thought from the title, this is not a blog post about your all time favourite Disney movie. Although, you may feel like you’re living in a fairy tale if you get the opportunity to experience some of these places. Or at least the Planet Earth version. Being the animal… Read more »

JetSet: Texas

Texas is known for having made and raised at least one wonder of the world: Beyoncé. But the proud Houston native is not the only claim to fame for the state, nor is the slight possibility that you’ll run into Queen B the only reason to visit. Texas is huge (fact: it’s the biggest state in the… Read more »

JetSet: California road trip

California here we come! Hitting highway 101 and driving into the sun can be an awesome getaway but given the current dollar situation, we’d reco banking this vacay until our little loonie bounces back. Fingers crossed that happens sooner rather than later. Either way, a California road trip is dreamy, fun and you can see… Read more »

JetSet: Guide to plane packing/skincare

The next time you’re in for a long flight think ahead and don’t let airplane travel wreak havoc on your skin. Keep hydrated with a few key in-flight rituals that are guaranteed to have your face glowing the moment you step off the plane. Start your vacation off right with pro beauty tips to keep… Read more »

JetSet: Fall getaways

With cottage weekends and summer vacays coming to an end, it can be easy to fall into early onset hibernation. But before our activity list becomes indoors-only, there’s plenty of fresh autumnal action to enjoy. Check out our list of fall getaway destinations – we promise it’ll satisfy all your travel inspo needs. Fall foliage… Read more »

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