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Media, Darling: Andrea Traynor

Andrea is the founder of award-winning parenting site mommygearest.com, where she uses a scrutinizing eye to help consumers navigate the marketing-fuelled world of products, services and travel destinations. Backed by a healthy shopping addiction, her reviews are often met with love/hate for their honest-to-a-fault approach. She is also a travel addict, brand ambassador, social media… Read more »

Media, Darling: Katherine Flemming

As ELLE Canada’s Health and Beauty Editor, Katherine Flemming directs the beauty content across ELLE Canada and ELLECanada.com, where she has worked for the last four years. Prior to that, she was the Senior Beauty and Health Editor at Canadian Living, and has freelanced for publications such as Glow, Fashion, TV Guide and Metro News…. Read more »

Media, Darling: Abdulla Khatib

Abdulla is a graduate from The University of Toronto who started blogging because he really enjoyed writing as a hobby. Although he wrote a lot for school, he didn’t find it fulfilling enough, so he decided to combine his passion for fashion and writing and create a menswear blog where he could help other gentleman… Read more »

Media, Darling: Cory Lee

It’s hard to imagine there was ever a time in Cory Lee’s career when she wasn’t ready and able to exhibit some kind of fire. It’s fair to say that Lee has never failed to stand up for what she believes in: “It’s about working hard even when people want to put you down, keeping… Read more »

Media, Darling: Rebeca Zavaleta Ulch

Rebeca Zavaleta Ulch is a fashion and lifestyle blogger from Toronto. She founded Wishbone & Clover in July 2015 as a creative outlet to express her obsessions and personal style. Rebeca curates her daily style and life to inspire and motivate others. In addition to her blog and Instagram account she is the Creative Director and founder of Wishbone &… Read more »

Media, Darling: Ella Clarens

Calgarian born Freelance Writer, Ella Clarens, has a passion for sharing others stories as she loves to learn about and connect with people. Since 2010, she has been uncovering the gems of local talent helping to boost awareness of their work and increasing their clientele. Clarens has taken her writing nationally and internationally covering Fashion… Read more »

Media, Darling: Olivia Stren

Olivia Stren is a Toronto-based freelance writer. She writes for a variety of publications, including Elle U.S., Elle Canada, Fashion, National Geographic Traveler and the Globe and Mail.  Twitter: @oliviastren Instagram: @oliviastren What was your first job? I worked at a Benetton in high school. I can still fold the hell out of a cardigan!… Read more »

Media, Darling: Aleesha Harris

Aleesha Harris is a journalist and blogger from Vancouver. She covers fashion and beauty for The Vancouver Sun and Province, as well as lifestyle and travel at CovetandAcquire.com. She’s an amateur photographer and videographer and a designer handbag collector — for which she considers herself to be a bit of an expert. When not writing about… Read more »

Media, Darling: Vibhu Gairola

Vibhu Gairola or Vibz is a writer and a details diva with a passion for reporting on culture. Having lived in India and Singapore before Toronto, he’s fascinated by both the trends that make people tick differently and the shared beliefs that make us one. Vibz writes about events, design, beauty and entertainment, and has… Read more »

Media, Darling: Laura Beeston

Laura Beeston is a Winnipeg-born, Montréal-bred, Toronto based writer, filing most recently for the Toronto Star. Her work has appeared in the Globe and Mail, The Montreal Gazette, The Winnipeg Free Press, CANAL+ and C2 Montréal. Tip her off @LauraBeeston  & PS: She loves weirdos. Twitter: LauraBeeston What was your first job? Babysitter. Or wait, do you mean media job? Student newspaper, features editor. Best advice for people… Read more »

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