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Media, Darling: Brianna Winford

Brianna Winford (aka @BriannaBodyFit) is a serious source of fitspo here on the fourth floor. The Trinidadian native and Toronto resident manages the hectic daily schedule of university life while still making time to hit the pavement and get her workout on. Twitter: briannabodyfit Instagram: briannabodyfit What was your first job? An assistant “hamper/gift basket… Read more »

Media, Darling: Karan Smith

Karan Smith is an award-winning Ottawa-based travel writer and editor. She’s watched glaciers drift by in Greenland, done sun salutations in Rishikesh, India and gone looking for lions in South Africa. But it all began with cross-country family road trips with only her dad’s Anne Murray tapes for entertainment. Karan writes for publications and sites including The Globe & Mail,… Read more »

Media, Darling: Torri Webster

Torri Webster is a Toronto based media personality. She has been working in the entertainment industry for over a decade, and has built an exciting online audience. Her aesthetic is fun, bright and engages with fashion, beauty, fitness and travel. Her feed shares daily trends and a peek into her ‘city girl’ lifestyle. #LifeWithTor Twitter:… Read more »

Media, Darling: Karolyne Ellacott

Karolyne is a Parkdale-based writer and editor who currently works at Post City as both editor and stylist. She grew up (mostly) in Austria, hiking mountains in lederhosen while gaining a fearless sense of style and a soft spot for anything with edelweiss. After graduating from Western Uni, she dove headfirst into teaching English in… Read more »

Media, Darling: Cheryl Hickey

As host of the nation’s entertainment powerhouse, Entertainment Tonight Canada, Cheryl Hickey greets over half a million loyal viewers each night as she delivers breaking news coverage, in-depth profiles and behind-the-scenes exclusives. A nominee for a prestigious Canadian Screen Award, and named one of Hello Magazine’s “50 Most Beautiful People,” Cheryl is known for her… Read more »

Media, Darling: Michael Chu

Michael Chu is a producer at BNN who has worked with some of the biggest companies in the world in almost any and every sector imaginable, and most of Canada’s business heavyweights. He started in the media industry as a researcher at CTV News providing support for big events like the 2011 Elections, the Royal… Read more »

Media, Darling: Lindsay Burgess

Lindsay is a Leslieville-based writer and editor, and currently looks after the online side of Foodism Toronto as Digital Editor. She returned to her hometown of Toronto in October 2015 after five years in the UK. Across the pond, she gained her MA at the London School of Economics, then pursued freelance writing opportunities. Eventually… Read more »

Media, Darling: Alicia Bell

Alicia Bell is a Toronto-based Kinesiologist, Personal Trainer, Strength Coach, Fitness Model, competitive Figure athlete and Track and Field Sprint Coach who has devoted her life to helping people reach their goals in fitness and sport. Alicia has modeled in and has written content for numerous publications. In recent years she’s been featured in commercials for Garnier… Read more »

Media, Darling: Mel Hwang

Mel has been blogging since she was about 14 years old. She has worked under different blogs/publications, but has been blogging under the brand “Mel Inspired” for two years. Blogging has always been her creative outlet to connect with people and express/find herself. She went to school for political science where she studied in both French and English. Since… Read more »

Media, Darling: Elise Purdon

Elise began putting together crazy outfits as a child and then crying when adults would try to take her photo. She continued experimenting with how to dress until she moved to Bangkok at 18 where she discovered a whole new world of next level Asian fashion. Inspired by what was around her, Elise decided to channel… Read more »

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