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The Coconut Craze

It’s no mystery that coconuts have become the be-all and end-all of 2017. Whether it’s sipping on coconut water, switching to coconut sugar, or garnishing baked goods with coconut flakes, coconuts have unavoidably become a big part of our everyday lives. And of course, we cannot forget coconut oil; you’ve heard about it, you’ve read… Read more »

Rants and Raves: Furry Footwear

From FENTY slides to Gucci loafers, it seems like we can’t escape the trend that is furry footwear. A trend initially thought of as being only for the runway, has taken over our streets and our instagram feeds. Since the trend literally stepped out onto the scene it has evolved, with designers creating sandals and… Read more »

Rants and Raves: 5 Best Spas in Toronto

When our daily lives get hectic, it’s important to remember to treat yo’ self! From facials to massages, we’re sharing the best spas to visit in Toronto and their top treatments. Grab your pen and paper – you’ll want to jot these down: Hammam Spa Hidden underground at King and Portland, this grotto-like spa is the… Read more »

Rants and Raves: The Bodysuit

From runway to retail, celebrity outfits to street style, it’s hard not to notice the recent popularity of the bodysuit. Having been dubbed this season’s new crop top, bodysuits are everywhere. Sure they give you a sleek and seamless silhouette that is perfect for tucking into pants and skirts of all kind, but as anyone… Read more »

Interactive stores that change the way we shop

Online shopping has become increasingly popular in the last few years, with many anticipating the demise of the shopping mall. Instead a new trend has emerged and stores have started to offer more than just products and services. Stores are tapping into our social desires and creating environments that promote conversation and interaction. Here are… Read more »

Get the look: Rose gold glamour

Rose gold everything is all the rage right now, and we can’t get enough. The pinky hue can be spotted in jewelry, beauty, home decor and of course, fashion. The colour’s warm tones blend nicely with many skin tones, and it looks good with almost any outfit. It’s time to hop on the rose gold bandwagon…. Read more »

A PR Girl’s Guide to Sober October

Ahhhh fall. There are so many reasons to love this season, only one of them being the baggy sweaters that conceal those extra few patio pounds gained here and there (extra insulation, amirite?). One fall tradition we’ve become fans of is Sober October, the perfect opportunity to give your body (especially your liver) a well-deserved rest… Read more »

Rants and Raves: Grown-up colouring books

With grown-up colouring books popping up everywhere from book shops to funky boutiques, their presence has been impossible to ignore lately. A lot of people have mixed feelings about their supposedly “therapeutic” and “stress-relieving” properties, but here #OntheFourthFloor we’re open to anything that can calm us down after a hectic day in the world of… Read more »

Round-up: Toronto Pride Guide 2015

From June 19 through to the wee hours of June 28, from the corner of Church and Bloor, all the way to Dundas Square come OUT and play for Toronto Pride! Even though Toronto hosted WorldPride last year #PrideTO still knows how to throw the biggest and best Pride celebrations. From celebrity performances to all day outdoor… Read more »

Round-up: Summer Markets for summer goodies

If you’re looking to get your hands on fresh, home-grown food and all-things vintage, antique or handmade, you need to check out our top picks for summer markets to visit over the next few months. These hotspots are packed with unique finds and delicious treats. Bonus: since most of these markets are outside, purchase or… Read more »

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