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Teacher’s Pet: Basic Grammar 101

Not sure if it’s a PR thing or if some people are just suckers for grammar, but it is so frustrating (especially for PR professionals) when educated people — we’re talking about a high school education at the very least– do not know how to use basic grammar. It comes as no surprise that most PR pros were that… Read more »

Teacher’s pet: PR school [life] lessons

Back in September, Margaret and Melissa (two of our new interns) began their PR journeys at Centennial College. Meanwhile, Meaghan was getting into her final year as a journalism undergrad and looking to stretch into the PR world. Eight hectic months later, the three of them now sit at their brand-new desks on the fourth… Read more »

Teacher’s Pet: Portfolios

With the warm weather, and exams but a fleeting memory, many students find themselves hitting the office instead of the beach, looking for internship opportunities. Today’s Teacher’s Pet post is all about how to put together the best portfolio, and what the heck to do with it once you’ve walked through the door.  Image source…. Read more »

Teacher’s Pet: Education vs. Experience

Lorena Laurencelle is currently a Public Relations student at Kwantlen Polytechnic University.  Her Question: What level of education is necessary to succeed in the public relations field? Is education more important, or is experience more valued? Our Answer: Our team comes from a variety  of backgrounds, experience and education. We look at both sides of this… Read more »

Rant: Effective Resume Writing

We get lots of resumes on the fourth floor, and while there are definitely some great candidates in the mix, we can’t help but question some of the submissions we receive, from PR newbies to seasoned pros alike. Some are riddled with errors, some spell Debra‘s name incorrectly, some don’t spell check – we could… Read more »

Teacher’s Pet: Advice for PR students, recent grads and enthusiasts

September has arrived and with it, brought a whole new crop of students pursuing a career in PR. To give you an edge, we’ve decided to share some of the top tips that we’ve learned from our time in the biz. You know that a publicist needs stellar writing skills and an interest in media but… Read more »

Teacher’s Pet: Mistakes during internships?

Question six in our Teacher’s Pet series comes from Laura Chang, a student at Humber College’s PR program. We chat internships and humble pie.  Her Question: We’ll be starting internships soon and I had a question: What should I do if I make a mistake during my internship? Our Answer: Start by taking a deep… Read more »

Teacher’s Pet: Interning

Megan Kaczor is a Centennial College Corporate Communications and Public Relations graduate student preparing to start interning.  Her question: Could you tell me more about the kind of work students will do during their internship at an agency? Will there be many opportunities for hands-on work, such as writing and planning, or will we be… Read more »

Teacher’s Pet: Big agency vs. boutique firm

Today’s Teacher’s Pet post is about the differences between interning at small firms and large agencies. It’s the time of year when many PR students start to look for internship opportunities, so this post should answer lots of questions for you.  Natalie Schoffer is currently enrolled as a student in Humber College’s Postgraduate Certificate program.  I am… Read more »

Teacher’s Pet: How to get your name out there and get hired

For our third student inquiry, we’re tackling a question that applies to any job or industry. Sophie Garber, a Humber Public Relations Post-Graduate Certificate student, asks: “When starting out in the PR industry, what is the best way to get my name out and land the job of my dreams?” We’ll answer it from a… Read more »

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