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TIFF 2014: Red Carpet Best Dressed

And just like that, it was over (well, almost). TIFF14 comes to an end this weekend, and then it’s time to get back to reality. But before we give up this sleep deprived, redbull chugging, four-different-outfits-a-day way of life, let’s take a moment to look back on what TIFF is all about: the fashion. There… Read more »

TIFF ’14: Keeping your skin looking fresh without beauty sleep

As exciting as TIFF is, it can also be tough on our bodies. A face full of makeup combined with late nights and early mornings (not to mention that fourth cocktail you thought was a good idea), is a recipe for angry skin. The last thing you want is a pimple on your face when you bump into Jake… Read more »

TIFF 2014: A PR Girl’s guide to taking it from day to night

If you’re anything like us, you like to hit the town during TIFF. And by hit the town, we mean work. Here #OnTheFourthFloor, we understand that your room looks like a post-apocalyptic disaster after the dreaded outfit hunt. The struggle is real, we know. And to have to do it twice in one day? Madness. To help… Read more »

TIFF 2014: Concerts during TIFF

TIFF is a festival that keeps on giving. She literally can’t stop. Let’s review: Scores of international film premiers? Yup. Hundreds of attractive, talented stars? Cool. Bill Murray Day? Shut.Up. FREE concerts all TIFF long? Okay, you’ve seriously outdone yourself. We’ve got the details on all the concerts during TIFF (be they free, uber-exclusive, or accessible via… Read more »

TIFF 2014: Red carpet style forecast

In a few week’s time film’s finest will dominate the streets of Toronto. This year’s flock of TIFF talent is major, and here #onthefourthfloor we’ve begun placing bets on who will be crowned ‘Red Carpet Queen.’ These leading ladies are sure to dazzle us both on and off screen, so now the only question is what (and who) will… Read more »

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