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Year-end roundup: Top new Toronto restaurants of 2014

Reflection helps us review our actions of the year and see what we’re pleased with and what we’d like to improve. And while we might not have hit the barre class as often as we would have liked, and didn’t put enough cash into a will-benefit-my-future savings plan, there is one 2014 accomplishment we are… Read more »

2014 is here. Milestones to look forward to this year

The 2014 Chinese Lunar Year of the Horse marks the anniversary of numerous Canadian and World events. Here’s what you can expect to see flooding our social media feeds over the next year. 25th Anniversary Fall of the Berlin Wall and the end of the Cold War on November 9, 1989. 50th Anniversary February 7, 1964: The… Read more »

Year-end roundup: The year in viral videos

When we first sat down to compile our list of the best viral videos of 2013 it was about 50 videos long.  With so much to choose from, this was a difficult task. Some videos will make you laugh until you cry, and others will make you lose half your body weight in tears. So,… Read more »

Year-end Roundup: Favourite headline-making stories of 2013

Who knew 2013 would turn out to be such a big news year? There were some massive stories this year – many sad and serious (like Nelson Mandela dying, the typhoon in the Philippines, and just too many others to name), but we wanted to focus on some of the more lighthearted incidents, people, and… Read more »

Year-end roundup: Fave Media, Darling interviews & quotes of 2013

Here on the fourth floor 2.0 (we moved! Did you know? Check us out!) we have a favourite blog post series called Media, Darling where we chat with our friends in the media (read: pick their brains about PR). What started as a fun way to share the love with our unsung-hero media pals has… Read more »

Year-end roundup – Best songs of 2013

2013 saw the return of David Bowie,  several unprovoked Chris Brown temper tantrums, masked men earn a ton of cash-money, and Miley’s…well…Miley. It was a big year for both twerking and music, so, without further ado, here are the songs that were on repeat up here on the fourth floor, via a custom playlist: There… Read more »

Year-End Roundup: Best Movies of 2013

All of us on the fourth floor love movies, so we are rounding up some of our fave flicks of 2013. It was a hard task–there were so many moving, funny and inspiring movies this year. But, we managed to narrow it down to just a few that deserve honour of being included in our “best… Read more »

Year-end roundup: Best fashion moments of 2013

2013, it’s been real. Like, really real. But before we say kthanksbye to the year, we’re looking back upon on the best fashion moments of 2013. From designer shocks and surprises to haircuts to Miley Cyrus, we’ve gone back in time and selected our highlights for the year that was 2013. Let’s take a trip… Read more »

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