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Healthy Drink Alternatives to Get You Through Dry January

So… it’s the middle of the month and you’ve still got a few weeks to go in Dry January. This means no vodka sodas, tequila or Chianti. Troubling, we know. That’s why we’ve created some healthy drink alternatives to keep you on the straight and narrow. Coconut Water Concoctions Coconut water is something you should… Read more »

Yummiest Hot Chocolate Recipes

Baby, it’s cold outside! At this time of year, nothing beats warming yourself up with a steaming cup of classic hot cocoa – that is, unless you were to try of one of these oh so AH-MAZING creative and tasty hocho recipes that could give even the most steadfast chocoholic cause for pause.   Decadent Dark Hot… Read more »

Tea Time in Toronto

Afternoon tea was invented in the 1840s by our girl Anna. During Anna’s time, dinner was served fashionably late and this left her with a gaping hole of hunger during the afternoon. So Anna began having tea, treats and sandwiches brought to her and all her hungry homies. And thus, the beautiful tradition was born and spread… Read more »

Where to Eat Thanksgiving Dinner in the City

Turkey Day is almost among us! We’re so looking forward to a weekend filled with food, family and fun. But if you’re one who dreads having to slave away in a hot kitchen, plenty of Toronto restaurants are offering their own Thanksgiving menus to save you the trouble. So this year, take a break from worrying about how to… Read more »

Five Foods That Make You Feel Good

Tired of having to work through your food coma? Afraid of your food baby cramping your style? Here are five foods (and recipes) to make you feel good again! We all wish we were that person that gets up early, drinks a bath tub’s worth of lemon water and eats clean, all damn day. It’s… Read more »

Yum yum: #TO Food Trend Watch

Foodie trends are ever-changing but boy do they always taste good 😉 Today on the blog we’re going to share TO’s current food trends from around the city. We apologize in advance for any hungry tummies after reading this post… Thai Ice Cream Rolls Okay these bad boys are v delicious and the process is… Read more »

Yum yum: Milkshake hot spots

Shake up your sweet tooth cravings with this list of the top crazy dairy concoctions the city has to offer. Warning, boys may show up at your yard. Holy Chuck Their business may be burgers but their shakes are no joke. Made with 95% ice cream and 5% milk, you’ll find milkshakes here that you… Read more »

Yum yum: The best restaurants to check out during Summerlicious

With the summer season out in full-force, it’s time for foodies everywhere to get their wallets and tummies ready for Summerlicious, kicking off this Friday! There are so many restaurants on the list but we’re here to narrow them down to the best of the best. America  Talk about a hot spot! America’s Summerlicious menu… Read more »

Yum yum: 5 Reasons why you need coconut milk in your life

Within the alt dairy family (re: rice milk and almond milk), there is one substitute that shines amongst the rest. It’s high in fibre, high in fat (the good stuff!), has no added sugar, as much calcium as dairy milk and slightly reminds you of a beachy vacay – if you guessed coconut milk, you’re… Read more »

Yum yum: Ice Cream Bucket List

I scream, you scream, right? The May long weekend has come and gone and the summer weather is upon us. This means that getting some high quality frozen deliciousness is a top priority. Lucky for you, we’ve done the heavy lifting and listed some of the very best ice cream that Toronto has to offer…. Read more »

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