Our Services

We Commit To Big Ideas​

On The Fourth Floor is a design and décor platform that offers homeowners tips, ideas, inspirations, and DIY projects to help them decorate their interior and exterior spaces.

DIY Tips for Home Renovations

We offer the tips you need to embark on the successful DIY home renovation or remodeling projects. The tips we offer can help improve the value of your property for future sales.

Styling Guides for Best Decors

We also create and publish different style guides to help you decorate your home for a specific look. Whether you want a chic, eclectic look or modern finishes indoors, we’ve got you covered.

Design Services

We also offer landscaping services such as lawn mowing for offices, homes, and even individual rooms. These services ensure that you give your outdoor spaces a groomed look based on government guidelines.

Inspiration Designs

Design and décor require lots of creativity to create unique homes with amazing, personalized spaces that reflect the personalities of homeowners. With this understanding, we showcase stunning interior designs to inspire your creativity and DIY décor projects.