Small Space Feng Shui

If you live in a condo or apartment, keeping things neat and tidy can be a daily struggle. If you sometimes feel that the walls are slowly closing in on you, this post is for you! There are a lot of tips and tricks out there for small space organizations and décor and it can be hard to navigate the solutions that work for your space. Here are some tried, tested, and true tips for living in a stress-free environment.


1) Here’s the best tip of all. PURGE! If you haven’t worn clothing in the past few seasons, you probably won’t. Learn to let go. Don’t stop there! This tip goes for everything that is taking up your time and space. Too many lamps? Don’t use that ottoman or accent chair you HAD to have. Politely relocate them to the curb. Don’t you feel better already!


2) Not everyone has a storage locker or a place to keep seasonal items. For the items (including all of those shoes) you absolutely need but don’t wear on the regular, under the bed is your best friend. It can get dusty under there so be sure to invest in proper storage, like this one from Ikea.


3) Jazz up your entryway. However big or small, this is a key place for organizational solutions. A storage bench is a must-have item;  there are so many out there for any style.  If you get home and throw your purse and coat in the entryway, instead of the 15 other places that you usually toss them, you’ll avoid spreading the clutter all over your apartment.


This bench doubles as a bookshelf, adding an interesting décor touch to space. Have fun with hooks that add personality, like these from Drake General Store. You can find all sorts of cool shapes that suit your style.


4) Simple yet so effective; hang up brooms and mops that are crowding the space visually. Using one of these clips below will hide these items and give you a serious sigh of clutter relief.


5) The bathroom!


Step 1) Get rid of all the old and ugly towels you have lying around.


Step 2) Find a place to keep towels and other bathroom essentials for easy access. Use walls and high ceilings for storage, a simple shelf can do the trick, roll up towels, and keep them in baskets. The bathroom should be a place of zen – choose storage that will contribute to the visual appeal of your bathroom.


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December 2023